Bring magnetic charging to your 2016 MacBook Pro with Snapnator

Looking forward to a new MacBook Pro but bummed about the lack of MagSafe charging (and over-abundance of USB-C ports)? You’re not alone.

A Kickstarter campaign for a new adaptor that turns USB-C ports into MagSafe-like charging connections has received over double its $25,000 USD goal within four days, coming in at almost $55,000 USD at the time of publication. The magnetic connector not only works for all USB-C laptops including the MacBook and Chromebook and most smartphones, including the Google Pixel.


In its advertising copy, Snapnator notes it has even greater magnetic coupling then the traditional MagSafe connector, noting that while most have a magnet on one side and iron on the other, this connector has a magnet on both sides.

It should be noted that the Snapnator is not the first to attempt a solution to the sorely felt loss of MagSafe. The Griffin BreakSafe is another option, though it is only capable of reaching 60W of power, while the Snapnator can reach up to 100W.

The Snapnator is available for a pledge of $29 or more, with an estimated delivery date of January 2017.

Worldwide shipping is free for the Snapnator, and Kickstarter backers get an additional six months of warranty beyond the standard 12-month warranty the company plans to offer post-campaign.


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