All 2017 Ford models will support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Car manufacturers operate on a much longer timescale than most modern technologies. This is the reason why most cars sold, even today, have terrible touchscreen interfaces even compared to the original iPhone from 2007. CarPlay and Android Auto are initiatives launched by Apple and Google respectively, to modernize car interfaces and allow car dashboards to integrate with smartphones.

Ford, along with the other major vehicle manufacturers, have pledged compatibility with these interfaces since they were announced. However, so far only a handful of new models have actually supported either CarPlay or Android Auto.

Today though, Ford has announced that every Ford model sold in North America with the company’s Sync 3 platform will work with Google and Apple’s car initiatives. 2016 models will also be getting an upgrade later this year, though it’s unclear if any features or compatibility might be left out.

Ford is also promoting new features of its own AppLink car platform at CES this year, so it seems that it isn’t stopping connected dashboard development completely.


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