Update: BlackBerry Q10 now available at WIND Mobile


  • hunkyleepickle

    Good for wind, I wish them success. Bb needs to price down their devices a little tho, they Don’t really compete with the Iphones, S4’s and Ones of the world…

    • Babulal

      It just beats me how quickly people dismiss BB (no offense to you hunkyleepickle), right off the bat. I don’t use a BB myself, but I’ve seen and used the new BB10s. Sure, they don’t have as many apps in their app store as Google/Apple, but the software is definitely very good and so is the hardware. Kudos to BB for stepping up their game, and hurray for competition.

    • hunkyleepickle

      Don’t get me wrong, I think the hardware is good, if a little uninspired. The software has some great innovative ideas, but we all know, or at least the prevailing knowledge says, that BBs app and services ecosystem is taking its competitors. Windows phone has the same problem, but one of the differences is that WP8 devices are being priced lower, and thus more competitively, against the iPhone and Samsung’s of the world.I would be hard pressed to convince your average joe walking into a store to pick BB over a nice shiny and feather light iPhone, or the in your face marketing and ‘features’ of the galaxy line. Just my opinion, not bashing the q10 or z10

    • deltatux

      I don’t need to convince them, I know several friends who are average joe traded their Android and iPhones for a BB10 device. They find it better and they aren’t app-heavy users. Not all smartphone users are.

      I personally can’t live without Android since I love modding my phone, but to each their own right?

    • Tom

      BB10 is a great system – I certainly would use it over iOS any day of the week, but the sad truth is, it can’t compete very well at that price without an established app ecosystem. The Playbook failed when it launched at the same price as the iPad, and Microsoft’s Windows RT system is also failing hard for similar reasons.

      The Nexus 4 is probably responsible for people’s price expectations being lower than before – because that phone was strategically underpriced, similar to how Microsoft and Sony strategically made a loss on every new console they sold for the first 1-2 years in an effort to expand market share asap. Yes, BB doesn’t have the advantage of alternative revenue sources to stomach an intentional loss. But they could simply sell BB10 devices straight off their website, without any carrier middlemen – and I’m sure they could afford to sell at $500 tops as a result.

      Basically, as good as BB10 is, asking the same price as an iPhone is a terrible idea.

  • DrLee

    fawhk yeah maadafakkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs

  • mf

    Not impressed with the “new activations only” for the next month.

    Will be a pain to port my number to a Rogers pre-paid SIM, then port back to Wind over the next few days. Fortunately my current plan is the BTS $29, so I can get the upgraded Wind30 plan (free MMS, no LD in province) for only $1/month more on a new line.

    • Young Sandwhich

      just do this, buy the phone on a pay your way and pay an extra 10 dollars. it’s a new activation, you can throw the pay your way out the window after and never use it, and not have to transfer numbers back and fourth.

  • EvanKrosney

    Considering you can (or at least will in a few weeks via the USA) get a One Nexus edition for $600, really no phone is worth paying more for.

    However, this is decent pricing for WIND who’s notorious for outrageous device pricing.

    • deltatux

      Considering you can get a Nexus 4 for $350, really no phone is worth paying more for.

      It’s all down to preference, some people just don’t like Android and that’s fine. I could argue why people would want to spend more money for an HTC One “Google User Experience” device when I can get a similar power device for almost half the price? For some people the Nexus 4 is what they want, a powerhouse on the cheap. Others like more storage and a metal body construction would go with HTC One.

  • Skazzberry 2.0

    I have never seen anyone use this phone before in person. RIP BB!!

    • Todd

      You’re a shut-in, we get it. Get some sun, bro! It’s not going to kill you 😉

    • Skazzberry 2.0

      Todd why don’t you get a belt holster for your Q10 along with your brown khakis? You will look so cool and important walking around in public with your blackberry on your side. While you’re at it get a pocket protector and a fanny pack.

    • Supa_Fly

      minus the pocket protector and fanny pack are you some 80’s jock still hooked on Revenge of the Nerds and thinks that the world’s most powerful are NOT nerds?

    • Skazzberry 2.0

      80’s jock? Revenge of the nerds? Did you use an electronic typewriter to send this message? You sound like an old man! Don’t forget to go for your daily stroll outside before returning to your senior home old sport! BBs are made for people like you who are incapable of typing without buttons!

    • Supa_Fly

      you fail to realize that BlackBerry is now in the M2M (automotive) business.

    • Skazzberry 2.0

      That still doesn’t address the point that I’ve seen absolutely 0 Q10s in my city so far since launch and don’t know a single person who owns one.

      In fact, I’ve never seen a Z10 in person either. I’m sure BB is making it’s so called come back!!! Not a single user in sight. Typical bb fans in denial.

    • Supa_Fly

      I’m not sure where your city is … however just because you don’t see any BB10 users holding their devices doesn’t mean nobody has purchased them. Your lifestyle probably doesn’t match with users that prefer those devices, thus your travels may not cross those users. Then again maybe they don’t feel the need to “show off” their devices anyway. I sat right across from another Z10 user, actually using this phone (probably reading) for 30mins on a subway train, and only when he went to place it back into his pocket did I see the BB logo and realize he too was another BB10 user.

      That is your denial, you assume just because people buy them you’re going to see them all, or some showing off the phone. This isn’t grade school man, and these aren’t iphone users that feel the need to express their “faith” into a brand, brandishing white headphones.

      bb fans in denial?
      – oh RIM is dead,
      – oh RIP BB,
      – oh BB10 will not launch as BB will be out of business before Q1 2013,
      ^ please … their in profit now – before launch of BB10 sales could register, on top of that, no debt!! And making sales – 12’000 BES10 installations in production (not testing).

      When quarterly earnings gets reported 9AM EST June 28th, 2013, you’ll know how many BB10 users are out there, globally or per country or both. If the number is over the projected 2-3 million then I wonder if you’ll still say BB users/fans are in denial?

    • Tom

      That was one good quarter (with a modest $98M profit) after they had hemorrhaged half a billion dollars and laid off nearly a third of their staff. An improvement, yes, but still not in great shape.

      I wish BB the best, but that one day of good news is no indication of their future performance. They don’t have a gazillion other sources of revenue to help stomach potential losses on handsets, and they don’t have tens of billions in cash like their rivals. It’s no time to do a victory lap.

    • Tom

      Depends where you are. In Vancouver and Toronto, I’ve seen zero Z10s and Q10s outside of stores. In Ottawa, I’ve seen more Z10s than Nexus 4s (I have the latter) and a co-worker just acquired two Q10s. I don’t know about other places yet, but some of my friends in London, UK also report seeing a lot of Z10s.