Update: TELUS and Koodo data network working again after brief downtime


  • annonymous

    Both Telus and Koodo

  • Josh

    Oh!!!!! That’s why. So all that restarting, switching in and out of airplane mode for nothing?

    • arman

      seconds wasted! 🙁 lol

  • hoo dat

    See, Mobilicity users have nothing to fear about the takeover. It’ll be business as usual 😉

  • magesnz

    Anything about regional Québec? Or nothing as of yet?

    • Geekette

      No data service here in Montreal (Quebec).

    • magesnz

      nothing in Sept-Iles for now…

    • howitzerr

      Quebec is still a Canadian province…

    • magesnz

      last time i checked my canadian passport was still valid…..

  • al-rogers

    rogers terrorism

  • annon1

    This is what Mobilicity customers will look forward to once the buyout’s approved 😉

    • Fox in a Hole

      This is what Mobi customers already experience every day.

  • jackjiarocks

    Mobilicity service for Telus Price. The future of canadian wireless industry.

    BON Appetite guys!

    And i am sure tomo ‘s release of “Canadian Wireless How to Rip off your customer 101 code”

  • hunkyleepickle

    Vancouver downtown is out, at least on my wife’s iPhone.

  • Ernie Evil-Grafix Moore

    It doesn’t “piggyback” off Telus. Telus owns Koodo.

    • Ernie Evil-Grafix Moore

      Windsor is working perfectly.

  • batkinson001

    not cool. so my texts and iMessages wont go through? my phone is currently on wifi…

  • daftchemist

    Never hit Kelowna.

  • MSined

    Galaxy S4 on TELUS in Montreal, working perfectly.

  • Simon

    data is down in Kingston, ON as well, we have two telus galaxy and one koodo galaxy in our house, all down.

  • Shawn Hall

    Shawn Hall with TELUS here. We did experience a wireless data network outage, and worked to restore service as quickly as possible. Everything should be up and running now – if you are still experiencing issues try re-starting your device. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • kirilmatt

      Thank god I left you guys! Besides service going down sometimes your customer service sucked!

    • TheOnlyAdvantageToLiveInQuebec

      How does it feel to rip us ?

  • Mike

    Never went out in Richmond BC

  • satori3000

    Koodoo doesn’t piggyback on TELUS, it *is* TELUS. Just wanted to clarify the updates above.

  • Keith Jesso

    I had just dropped my phone on the pavement prior to the network going down. I had a case so no damage done, but couldn’t figure out for the life of me why my data icon was good yet it wasn’t working, I had a mini heart attack.

  • koko

    Something to do with the Huawei equipment that Telus is using? Maybe someone in Beijing forgot to turn on the e-mail redirect from China back to Canada 🙂

  • Landon Zachary Tetreault

    Saskatchewan’s 3G is working good