Bluelounge MiniDock for iPhone 5 Review

Bluelounge is well known for well-designed accessories that solve a single problem, the ones that end up on your desk or next to your bed for years.

Such is that case with the company’s excellent Milo Dock and its newer Mika tablet stand, and now the company is back with an elegant solution to iPhone 5 charging.

minidock-2 I’ve often  been in situations where I wanted to bring fewer cords, either when going on a trip or just packing light for the day. The MiniDock for iPhone 5 tethers to an existing AC adapter — it’s meant to work with the one included in the box, but can take advantage of any wall plug with a USB input — and charges the phone while standing it upright.

At $39.99, the MiniDock is not cheap, especially if your house is full of plugs nearer the floor than eye level, but even with this limitation I’ve found numerous uses for the accessory. I have a plug near my kitchen counter, and use the MiniDock when making dinner, both to keep the phone at an appropriate angle for reading recipes or watching clips and to ensure it avoids the cutting surface itself. minidock-1The MiniDock is incredibly well-constructed, with a modal Lightning adapter that fits to the iPhone 5 securely; even if the device gets knocked about there’s little chance it will become dislodged. Doing one thing really well is becoming less common in an industry that wants to combine functions into multi-mode products, and the MiniDock fits that bill.

There are also MiniDock versions for the iPhone 4S 30-pin connector, if you’re into that sort of thing.

MiniDock by Bluelounge