Stitcher Radio for iOS adds Car Mode and redesigns front page as it aims to be your first and only destination for online audio

Photo 2013-05-17 09.42.30 PM Photo 2013-05-17 09.42.27 PMStitcher Radio has been trying to convince its users that there is no need to open any other app when aiming to get all your audio-related media. Over the past few years, the company has steadily improved its mobile apps, both on iOS and Android, to offer podcasts, news clips, comedy spots and any other audio content.

Its latest iOS version, 5.3, brings some widely-requested features to the table, including a hands-off Car Mode with large icons and no distractions. This is aimed at users who have already queued up a stream of content and are just looking for the bare minimum functionality while occupied in the car.

The app also has a new front page, which gives a visual breakdown of relevant news based on your most popular or listened-to sources. Also improved is the app’s archives, so if you’re looking for back episodes of your favourite podcast, they’re much easier to find in chronological order.

There are a number of other improvements to playback, too, including a new sleep timer and faster initial program startup.

Stitcher has repeatedly proven it is a venerable choice when it comes to audio content on mobile. The ability to, as the name suggests, “stitch” multiple audio programs together from various categories — music, comedy, news, etc. — means you’ll never run out of things to listen to while commuting or on the go.

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