Samsung: Galaxy Note II sales expected to top 20 million, Galaxy S III to reach 30 million this year


  • ruaman

    Not surprised to know that. It’s about time…

  • Allan

    Yeah made in asia! We will eat north america!

  • Al

    Rolling out to Canada the following week? Is this a reliable source and has this been confirmed by Samsung Canada?

    • andy

      Why can’t people read?

      “will be officially launched in Europe this October, then rolling out to other countries in the following weeks, including Canada”

  • som inthal

    No wonder Apple wants it removed from North American Shelves.

    • EvanK

      Apple isn’t trying to get it banned because they thing it’s “unfair” that it violates some uber-generic patent of theirs, they’re seriously treated by this, and are actually concerned that it could put a serious damper in their sales.

      The more competition the better, it’s nice to see some other brands gaining as much attention and selling as well as the fruit phone, now hopefully HTC, Sony, or Moto can climb up there as well.

    • EvanK


  • steve

    people vote with their feet… apple is getting stampeded on lol

  • sicpuppy

    iPhone 5 should sell 30 million in a couple of months .

    • sp

      sorry i had to calm down laughing so i could respond to this…

      this iteration of the phone…..i highly doubt. nothing new about it other than .5″ and LTE.. too behind in the times.

      people have woke up and already have been trying different phones.

      the only thing you are right about is..that it will sell. that is a guarantee. still many Apple Kool Aid drinking fans out there.

  • SeamusDDog

    I don’t usually comment at MobileSyrup, but really? “The Note has notched up sales of 10 million, which means that the Note II – a 5.5-inch Jelly Bean Android device is pegged to sell 20 million units by the end of the year.”

    Terrible math, and terrible logic. How long has the original Note been out to sell 10 million units? How long is left in the year? How long until Samusng actually ships the Note II to major markets in Europe and NA? How the hell are they going to sell 20million *by the end of the year*, even if their predictions are accurate?

  • EddieWinslow

    I would assume Oct. Release will be right around the same time as JellyBean for the Galaxy 3 device, and then you will see in November/December it Release in North America.

    I actually am quite excited for the Note 2, More so than when the Galaxy S3 was announced. If it holds up to the hype I will be trading my Galaxy 3 in for a Note 2

  • Dan L’Heureux

    Met with Samsung last week. They have very high expectations for the new Note. The specs on it look really great. looking forward to seeing it in our stores.

  • jonny

    I was going to wait for the next nexus device, but the Note II is looking pretty awesome! I recently saw a guy with the Note I, and its a sweet machine!

  • Dave in Regina

    I am dying for the Galaxy Note II 5″ and 10″. I want both. But I need to have both in my hands to ensure that what I want to do with them works well.

    Can anyone tell me how Facebook’s ‘Gardens of Time’ runs on either unit?

    I’ll retire my windows facebooking if these two devices are super fast in Flash.