Google says they’ve activated 500 million Android devices


  • jonny

    i heart my android

  • Alex

    Still crap though.

    • 0defaced

      last name perrier, first name “sh*tstain”?

  • Bradford

    3 of those were me with more to come!

  • Apple sales guy

    Only fat nerds buy android.

    • Jellybean

      apple must be proud of you. Straight out of the apple handbook of retorts for sheep.

  • shadyguy

    Apple sales guy hope you enjoy all your lawsuits tomorrow after the “revolution” is announced.

  • Jellybean

    What android features will apple ‘invent’ for ios6 tomorrow?

    • KC

      Just the ones they didn’t already steal from RIM. It’s amazing in the last 5 years te only thing Apple has done is borrow the best ideas from the competition and call it innovation. iOS 6 is just equal parts BlackBerry 5 and Android 3.0 with a little bit more shine.

  • Sketch

    The picture up top makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
    Love Android!

  • Big Ang

    I’m surprised that only 57.5% of the market is running 2.3.

    Oh yeah, I forgot how horrible most OEMs are at updating the OS. And how many phones are still being sold with 2.3. Didn’t Motorola (owned by Google) just release a 2.3 device a month or two ago?

    So wrong…..



  • sak500

    i’ve done about 5 activations in last week only thanks to S3 JB leaks coming out every day LOL. Glad i traded my locked crapple 4 for S3.

    Tomorrow history will repeat itself. A revolutionary device will be unveiled which will already be outdated in terms of hardware, O/S and functionality. But their marketing hype machine will show that an 8MP camera is the first one in the world or having a 4″ screen is so much better than 3.5″ and nobody can do better. Tons of blind sheep will line up in queues to buy it and after 6 months the same device will be released with bug fixes and extra RAM and will have an S put infront of it.

  • Droid found

    And yet tomorrow the media will give no less than a billion dollars of free advertising and fawning to Apple. Sigh.

  • allan

    I must be one of these activations. I installed new roms on my captivate, infuse and tab 7″ plus. But using my 3gs as my daily driver.

  • Fandroid

    go Android, go Google!

  • Pat

    3 are mine also. 2 Notes and 1 S3.

    • Irwan

      definaleapp is a lot better for me after this the nnicftiatioos actually work. and the quicklink from the notification to actually seeing the messages works ok now does baffle me how this app is severely underdeveloped and sure that facebook will release a phone of their own at some point soon, hence the crappy development .not just a half-assed job with a facebook button but a full Facebook Phone or Facephone or Facebook 1 or something