Samsung, HTC, Huawei and Nokia will be the first manufacturers to launch Windows Phone 8 devices


  • Tom

    If I wanted a WinPhone (and I must admit that it does sound pretty good) I would:

    1. Wait for WP8.
    2. Stick to Nokia. They are the only ones who care about getting WinPhone right and supporting it. For Samsung it is just a way to move a few more units and keep the options open.

    • Alec

      Folks, don’t buy into this nonsense about WP8, BB10 is coming and its coming fast. Get ready it will blow your socks off. Just wait for it please.

    • Paul

      I totally agree. And don’t forget, even though Nokia/NAVTEQ maps and free offline turn-by-turn navigation will be available to all WP8 devices, there is a very good chance the Nokia Windows Phones will have the Pureview camera sensors in them. Big differentiator there.

  • Sean

    I told myself that the moment WP supported dual core processors and had a 720P screen I would be getting one. (I know it runs great on a single core but i am talking about future proof and you can never have to much power)

    Time to say goodbye to my Galaxy Nexus and hello to the first Nokia WP8 phone

  • vengefulspirit99

    I want to see all the contenders before making my decision

  • aregularonhofo

    Nokia/Windows 7 are flawless…why not expect better with Windows 8. RIM on the other hand are obsolete and only have dreams of being great again. There is a difference.

  • Keith

    I hope Nokia gets PureView in their WP8 Lumia’s at launch time.

  • Alec

    Please consider BB10 devices before buying a new phone, they will be out later this year.

  • Hoh

    For comments recommending waiting for BB10. I say its Palm repeat. RIM is dead. They don’t have the financial clout to continue solo. The market is an Android/IOS 2 horse race with WinPhone as 3rd place underdog.

  • Bob

    Samsung will probably do what they did in the past. Take their latest Android device, remove some features, and put Windows Phone on it. Expect to see a Galaxy S3 running WP8 this fall. Just in time for the next Nexus which will be even better.

    • Keith

      To make an competetive Appolo phone the S3 won’t cut it and Samsung will have to add features, develop a camera sensor and software to compete with PureView and get cracking on developing dozens of exclusive apps of the calibre of Nokia’s and come out some better style and colour choices. I don’t think they stand much of chance.

    • Bob

      Uh? What are you talking about. Just look at the SGS3 vs the Lumia 900. Samsung is 1-2 years ahead of Nokia. Even the SGS2 is better.

    • Keith

      Theoretcially of course the SG3 is a better phone than the Lumia this generation but in reality the Lumia 900 running WP is a much better experience unless your a maschoist. But we’re talking about the next generation Nokia Apollo phones where the high-end ones will blow the doors off the SG3.

  • blackkey

    Oh man I have been waiting since launch for dual core WP (I know they can run awesome but like that guy said you dont know what the future will bring).

    And to the guys talking about BB10 yeah it might be pretty good but chances are most of the people talking here are WP enthousiastes so do some marketing in the android articles for people suffering from droidrage.

  • human

    YES! Huawei!

  • The Proclaimer

    I cannot wait for BB10. I must have a wp8 device. The BB10 wait is inexcusable!

  • montrealer

    I’m waiting to see nokia’s next flagship phone. Hopefully, it won’t but just another lumia 800 or 900 with upgraded specs.

  • Spikedlemon

    I wonder why RIM doesn’t consider WP8 as an option…

    Introducing a Windows edition of a blackberry torch that uses BBM might be an interesting spin on the “business” phone.

    Myself: I’m waiting for WP8 and BB10 before getting a new device. Early adopters can jump first – I’ll wait for the initial bugs to get tweaked.