Apple lists the best iPhone & iPad apps of 2011


  • Betty Koyle

    go APPLE go… Id love to see a top playbook apps list.. what a joke

  • Martin

    I dunno but The Score new app is pretty sweet.

    • Martin

      The Score’s new app that is.

    • Mike

      I agree – best “newest” app out there – very smooth and well integrated.

  • John is g*y

    what’s so good about Instagram? I thought it was like a check-in thing with a hipster filter.

  • hurrdurr

    “Top Sellers: Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja”…

    rofl get it free on andriod, freaking derps man so silly.

    • Sophia

      Free with ads and andriod. Even though you pay for it on iOS at least you get no ads. You also get an option to pay an andriod if you don’t want ads.

  • MARS

    @hurrdurr I have an Android phone’s free but you pay for extra levels.

    • Bryce

      No you don’t

  • Nade

    iOS has not just tons of more apps and better ones, but better versions of their counterparts on Android; dunno why people even argue that.. geebus.

    I like Android’s ecosystem hence I’m on that side of the spectrum, but goddamn, stop acting like fanboys (or fandroids in this case) ppl.. accept it for what it is.

  • Alpha_Psi

    Never heard of “Cut the Roap”. Why yes, I HAVE been living under a rock.