DigiTimes: OmniVision and Sony win contract for the 8-megapixel camera in the iPhone 5


  • Sean


    -Sorry couldn’t resist … Looking forward to seeing the next generation iPhones i hope they bring a big improvement otherwise ICS will come out on top which i am also hoping for

    Yeah I hope both run I am running iOS 5 and Honeycomb 3.1 and looking forward to the next of both

  • bummy

    this is rare, but….

    Props to Apple if they’re truely releasing the next iPhone in Spring.

    The 1-a-year iphone is getting predictable and its affecting their sales. Perhaps this means they’ll have bigger and better upgrades.

  • Nasir

    I think they will have an iPhone in the spring and that will be iPhone 5, but there will still be an iPhone this year.

    The iPhone 5 will probably have the big changes hardware wise.

  • JSmith

    As usual I can imagine Apple saying “weve changed it again’, and all they do is a camera upgrade, slight housing redesign, and all the isheep go BAAAAAAH! Never ever will I own one.

    • Derek

      And people like you will continue to come in here and make a complete douche of yourself! Face it, Apple made sure the world saw the first smartphone that changed the way smart phones are used and made today.

      And don’t anyone give me the whole Android was built 2 years prior to iPhone crap, It was a concept before iPhone but no one had the know how to implement the technology. When the iPhone was released people started copying the technology used in it, which gave birth to Android.

    • Adam


      you couldn’t be more wrong. Apple was the first to do it on such a massive scale, but they weren’t the first.

      Palm was making touchscreen devices far before the iphone was even thought up. The old Palm Pilots had a similar menu system, applications, and a virtual keyboard. Slap a phone in a palm pilot, and you get a Palm Treo, which have been around since 2002.

      Blackberry has been doing smartphones far before Apple, and the Storm, their first touchscreen device came out in 2008, half a year after the first iphone.

      The first commercially available android device came out around that time too.

      Apple simply used a similar system to Palm OS, improved it, and stuck it on a pure touchscreen device. There is really nothing original about the iphone, they were just the first to put a bunch of products already available together in one device, and due to already being a huge established company, they were able to market and sell it.

      I’m still waiting for someone to tell me exactly what original idea Apple had and what is being copied from Apple. The app store? That’s about all I can come up with.

      The reason Apple hasn’t been able to successfully sue guys like Samsung is because they haven’t been able to prove anything. Their technology is just as much ‘borrowed’ off other companies as Samsungs is.

  • Rich

    Wasn’t overly impressed with iOS5 so all this Apple news has lost major appeal to me.

  • Jay

    The only problem with Apple announcing an 8MP camera for Spring of 2012 is that they’ve now given the competition (Android) something to beat. It doesn’t make much of a difference though, since they’re already working on a 10MP HD camera for a future Android phone. But I’ve said too much already. Sorry Jobbs, you’re still second best.

    @Derek: Actually Apple wasn’t the first, as Android 1.x had more features than even the 3GS model. Apple was just the first one to buy out major marketing and advertising campaigns to create a high demand. Now that Android has major advertising campaigns they’re quickly rising to meet, and in some cases exceed, the iPhone. Blackberry has the teens though, I can’t believe how many Blackberry’s go out my doors just because teens need to have BBM. Only people I see rushing to buy up the new iPhones are those already “zombied” by Apple.

    • Derek


      Nokia ceo would disagree,

      “Apple created Android, or at least created the conditions necessary for Android to come into being”

      And he’s 100% correct