Various upcoming TELUS OS upgrades: Android, BlackBerry, WP7

Curious when your TELUS device will be seeing the next OS upgrade? We asked TELUS where various Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 devices are in the upgrade process… here’s what we were sent:

In terms of OS upgrades – Updated information on:

– Shine Plus: early this winter – Android 2.2 –> Actually going to Gingerbread directly and skipping Froyo, should be launching early summer
– Milestone : this winter – Android 2.2 –> just finished testing and should be on its way very soon. Early spring
– Apollo: this winter – Android 2.2 –> launching not too far into this spring

And more Android:
– HTC Desire to Gingerbread – this spring
– HTC Desire HD to Gingerbread – this spring

And some BlackBerry:
– BlackBerry Curve 3G to BB 6.0 – launched
– BlackBerry Bold 9700 to BB 6.0 – launched
– BlackBerry Pearl 9100 to BB 6.0 – next few weeks/early Spring

And of course Windows Phones:
– LG Optimus 7 – NoDo update – next few weeks
– HTC Surround 7 – NoDo update – next few weeks

More soon!
(Thanks James!)

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