Marshmallow is now almost on 5% of all Android devices

Almost a half year after the release of Marshmallow, the latest version of Google’s mobile OS is now on close to five percent of Android devices, according to the company’s latest distribution numbers.

Since March, when the operating system was on 2.3 percent of all devices, Marshmallow’s stake of the Android Marshmallow pie has doubled.

However, with the increase in the number of devices running Marshmallow comes a corresponding decrease in the number of devices on Lollipop. While still the most popular version of Android, the number of overall devices running that version of Google’s OS is has declined from its peak of 36.1 percent last month. It’s now at 35.8 percent, a modest .83 percent decline.

April Android Numbers

The number of devices running several previous versions of Android have also declined. Last month, ICS and Jelly Bean were 2.3 percent and 22.3 percent of Android devices, respectively.

This month, they’re on 2.2 percent and 21.3 percent of devices.  Meanwhile, Froyo, despite everything, still remains on 0.1 percent of devices visiting the Google Play Store.


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