Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB, 128GB reaches ‘End of Life’ status at Bell


  • Sean-Paul

    That was fast

  • Jean-Sébastien Roy

    only 64 and 128g version tho, but still.

  • Nundo

    I believe that Bell is only keeping the 32G models as an alternative. Considering you can walk into a Bell store now and purchase a S6/S6 edge and $99 on a new activation/ Hardware upgrade instead of paying $399/499 for a similar device since the S7 isn’t much as an upgrade :-/

  • Mo Dabbas

    That makes sense….. I’m actually surprised they just cut off the S4. Samsung is doing what apple does now by leaving their last year high end phone a cheaper option. So I’m not surprised they kept the 32Gb only. It’ll probably be 0 on contract once the S7 come out.

    • Francois Roy

      The S4 was their 0 dollar option, so it should be the S5 for the upcoming year.

      With the S7 starting at 399$, expect the S6 on-contract pricing to stay the same for a couple more months. (199$)

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  • KiwiBri

    strange. I have seen these carriers selling the S4 and S5 recently. The samsung devices just seem to hold their own. Even at $99 or $0 pricing on term which many consumers seem to like.
    EDIT: oh, I see they are keeping the 32GB model..

  • outburst

    Does that have implications for system updates or is this just an inventory thing?

  • FTR_Part_deux

    Was the GS5 removed a long time ago? Just curious, since they listed GS4 and GS6, but left out GS5.

    • Brad Fortin

      I think they replaced the S5 with the S5 Neo.

  • Brad Fortin

    What? They’re only leaving the 32 GB model? But that’s not enough for anyone, anywhere, ever! People need, at an absolutely minimum, twice that amount. /s

  • Nacos

    This just confirms how big of a failure (at least in the relative terms of expected sales) the Galaxy S6 was.