Photos of Amazon’s 4.7-inch smartphone reveal four front infrared cameras and a 3D interface


  • spammenotdisqus

    Oh god, my eyes are bleeding. And 3D is a dumb idea, this feels like a flashback to HTC’s terrible 2011 phones.

    • Stimulator

      I dunno, I think Nintendo is doing pretty well with the 3DS. Sure, it’s not a phone, but similar enough to compare to.

  • Matt

    A technical explanation of how powering 4 extra cameras, and doing processing for the UI will not negatively affect battery life would be very interesting to read if true.

  • KrispyInTO

    For people who don’t even read the articles that is not how the phone looks- It’s being covered by a casing to mask its design.

    • Labrat

      Thanks, I only read the comments. =)
      Such insight, very true, much wow

  • Bri Bru

    Correct me if I’m wrong.. so the 4 cameras will be tracking user’s eye balls to create 3D-like illusion on the display? That sounds cool.. only if it works right. I’m not so sure about 3D display/field of view is necessary on a 4.7 inch display phone. It sounds like a gimmick to me.

  • hp

    certified by the optometrists association for giving
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  • beyond

    design of the body reminds me of Nokia Lumia 920

    • alphs22

      Article says it’s a thick casing used to hide the actual phone design.

  • Rich

    Yeah but when will they have pressable holographic phones? I can’t wait to feel like Iron Man.

  • AlexanderLong

    Why it looks like Nokia, a combination of N8 and Lumia

    • Nick Bransford

      Read the article: that’s not the actual phone, but rather a case put around the phone to disguise it (which apparently worked well judging by some of the responses).

  • Jamal Alkadri

    3D seems gimmicky? i don’t see why it would be needed on a phone, saw it on the DS and it hurt my eyes..

  • jeff

    No point in an Amazon phone in Canada. The Canadian version of their online store is getting better but far from the US version. We don’t have access to their music or movie content… And no prime streaming. Being locked in that ecosystem would be worse than BB Os 7