Rogers offers employees disounts on the PlayBook, now starting at $249


  • Aaron

    I think someone took a page from this “Playbook”.

  • J Taylor

    Once HP runs out of $99 TouchPads, the $249 Playbook will sell like hotcakes.

  • Dom

    I’ll buy one for $99

  • Munir

    99$ touchpad = dead WebOS
    so, 249$ playbook = 40% dead blackberry???

  • mylivespot

    $249 plus the $100 Mastercard giftcard? Sounds like a great deal to help support a Canadian company.

  • Rio

    I tried the playroom and must say it felt great in my hands. I wish RIM held back te release untill all the bugs were ironed out

  • P

    employee fire sale

  • XER

    3 year term on this?

    • Dimitri

      You must be either dumb or stupid… how would the playbook get a 3 year pricing if it does not have 3G/4G capable? Please use your brain…. Its wifi only so that means you buy the device outright..

  • Chuku

    Actually, Telus doesn’t have just a $100 discount. They’ve had the same pricing, i.e. 16gb for $249 for a week now. Open to employees, their families and friends. So just about anyone can get the deal.

  • Peter B

    I would buy this in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have a pending order for the Touchpad.

    I could see this tab dropping to $199 for boxing day. Great hardware for the price.

  • Rashypoo

    Will the 100$ visa rebate from RIM apply to these as well?

  • roman129

    small print: must sign 3 year employment contract

    • Dimitri

      do not see that anywhere.. Please show me where it says that?

  • Alex Perrier

    Wow, what a tough decision! Suppose that a friend gives me $250 in RIM dollars, and forces me to spend them on a RIM product today. So now i get to choose between the BlackBerry PlayBook, or the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 from Solo Mobile’s website! Help! Which one should i choose?

    • Dimitri

      Maybe you shouldnt be such a troll how about that? If it really bothers you what virgin has on the website then contact them.. I see no reason why you are saying it here… I guess that is why you keep getting thumbs down all the time & you wonder why they do it. For stupid trolling comments like this. Alex just get out.

      Also if you are being serious (which i really doubt you are). Buy the playbook.

    • Dimitri

      Sorry ment to say Solo not Virgin.

    • Alex Perrier

      It would be fine to sell an 8000 series device at a store like Factory Direct. But the 8130 is Solo’s only smartphone!?

  • KL

    Relax Dimitri. It’s called sarcasm.

    • Dimitri

      I am relaxed lol. Just do not like it when i****s say that stuff when clearly it does not say it anywhere.. Confusing people like that also. Do not find that funny or any good when what so ever..

  • Deli

    I am pondering on ordering this or not. Must have BB PIN, active BB, to get the $100 mastercard. NO CONTRACT, whoever up above is saying so is a frigging i***t of the biggest proportions because they can’t read. I’m pretty sure this is a SIM-card enabled version.

    • Sean

      There are no sim card versions…

    • Jonesy1966

      The 4G/LTE SIM version is not out until November. There will be no 3G version.

  • kewlkewl

    i wouldn’t buy this pos for $1

  • bill

    why do employees get a discount? why not extend the discount to the rest of the common 2nd class people who don’t work for this mighty telecom?

  • Brad F

    At least the PlayBook isn’t affected by today’s BBM outage…

  • JKL

    nice price. I’ll have my go at the touchpad and if I fail, I’ll consider the playbook. really tempting though.

  • Chaz Bono

    Does it have native email, calendar, task list, contacts, android apps?

  • laridae

    So, will the hackers be able to convert the Playbook to Android like they did with WebOs?
    If they can do that then it might be worth buying one at that price.

  • daveloft

    So it’s $100 more for an extra 16GB and then only $50 more for an extra 32GB? How does that make sense?

  • skyline510

    Playbook = small HP TP = a lot bigger and the CM7 mod is just around the corner going down to 99 maybe but not for 249…

  • Jeeverz

    Actually the funny thing about this is that the sale does not include Rogers Wireless dealers at the moment. :/ That is kinda mean

  • strong silent

    why do pple ask dumb questions on this forum. if you think the playbook is on a contract or has sim card, you should not be on here. the device has been out for a long time now, don’t ask dumb questions.