More Future Shop spew about the HTC Touch Pro release

The saga continues for the HTC Touch Pro in Canada. This is honestly like a soap opera,.. same story line but with more characters added everyday.

Remember the leaked Best Buy ad a couple weeks ago that said the Pro was “coming soon”. Then we had the Future Shop ad that listed the price at $239.00 on a 3-year contract. Well, on the actual Future Shop forum we found a post from “abheibs” that was titled “False Advertising in recent FutureShop Flyer (Canada)”.

Not sure who “abheibs” is or even if this story is valid as this was his/her first post, and could not find any info on the quotes, but he/she states that the HTC Touch Pro will not be in Canada for a while. Read the whole thread here:

“The most recent Canadian FutureShop flyer advertises that they have the HTC Touch Pro (NOT DIAMOND) “GET IT 1ST!” for $239.00 on a 3-Year Contract with Telus Mobility.

The problem is – Straight from the horses mouth (HTC in this case), “the HTC Touch Pro is not available in Canada and wont be for quite some time. There are alot of hurdles involved in getting devices into countries with carriers under subsidized programs. If companies are advertising the HTC Touch Pro forsale and as available in Canada, they have made an advertising mistake.”

Straight from Telus Mobility Public Relations “Telus Mobility has been trying to get the HTC Touch Pro onboard but has been unsuccessful in doing so – the device is currently not available in Canada, and appears to be the case at least for the rest of the winter at the minimum.”

More to come on this story soon.

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