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    is this bb10?
    rip rim

    did i miss anything?

    • RIM20%

      Syrup keeps posting a countdown in days for the announcement of BB10, but the one for the phones hasn’t even started.

      The real countdown is for week one of 2013; when the first numbers for the sales of December will come up. RIM will try to damage-control them by saying that they didn’t sell that much because their customers are waiting for BB10 phones; while in reality a lot or RIM customers are simply switching to iOS; Android, or …wait for it: RIM took so long to release BB10 that now even Microsoft is relaseing their own mobile ecosystem with W8!
      W8 was released in Oct-November, with a minimal-soft reception; then in December started releasing the patches/revisions, and more to come by January. By February, the biggest wrinkles will be ironed and will be what we expect it to be. By MARCH we might be able to buy a BB10 at stores, with a new and unproven ecosystem.

      RIM missed the boat.
      “The beavers lost the key to the igloo and they will sleep outside”
      But Heins will keep on watching NBA games, and the RIM developers will always have their version of Gangnam-Style on youtube.

  • RIM20%

    “RIM dominated this week with news”..

    -No kidding! Despite all the “leaks” “renderings” rumours and “pictures” of BB10 phones to try to stop people from jumping away from the BB ecosystem this holidays, RIM stock dropped a whopping 23% in a couple of hours on Friday!

    -Right now the one and most valuable piece of RIM is the “network” or Subscription-to RIM services. Which happens to be one of the reasons why operators still support and push somewhat the sales of RIM: The RIM subscription brings huge profits to RIM and operators!

    -Well, Heins just announced that the RIM subscription model will “change” which took the stock to dive 23% taking the stock from $14 to the high $10s; it would have dropped more but the stock closed!

    -Let the countdown begin. Let’s see where RIM closes this year( will they close the year below $10??)

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Jebus Christ

    Guys, please, stop being so angry. I know that I have shortchanged you, and you are not happy with the size of your organ, but that does not mean that you should lash out at everyone and everything for that.

    Just work with what you have got, and if it means staying a virgin for life, so be it.

    I work in mysterious ways.

    Merry Christmas, peasants!

  • Larry

    This is the first time I haven’t seen pages of pro-RIM comments here. Surprising.

    • xenrobia

      Larry: If you haven’t noticed yet, this is pretty much a kiddie site. I mean just look at the maturity level of the above comments. The drivel found in the comments is generally the same day in and day out without let up. If you are looking for some intelligent discourse, this is not the place to find it. Good Luck