RIM unveiling BlackBerry 10 on January 30th in Toronto


  • MXM4K

    It’s been a long time coming. Will the wait be worth it? Or will it be an epic flop?

    I’m hoping that after this announcement I’ll be tempted to jump onto the BB10 platform. I’ve never considered a BlackBerry phone before, so that will be my gauge of BB10’s success.

    • jimb

      rim will fail most likely.

      web os failed
      windows phone failed

      why would rim succeed? they won’t.


    • EuroPolska

      “rim will fail most likely.

      web os failed
      windows phone failed

      why would rim succeed? they won’t.

      RIP RIM. RIP RIP!”

      Brains were certainly in short supply in this guys family. Your logic, if you understand what that is, is insanely flawed. By your logic, everything “new” will fail because three cited old “new” things failed. By that logic Apple should never have made a comeback, nor Motorola because they’ve failed before. Also, the Wright brothers never would have succeeded, well because their first flight failed, second one failed, so therefore they will never succeed. Moron. Who let’s people like you on the internet? Honestly.

    • EvanKr


      webOS was awesome, I still use it on a daily bases. It failed because of a lack of proper marketing and consumer awareness.

      WP is awesome, and is far from failing, it’s gaining market share each quarter.

      I don’t think that BB10 will fail, if RIM manages this properly and prices it right, these could fly off the shelves.

  • Anonymous

    Be sure to “Reserve” your BB10 device you know absolutely nothing about hardware wise via Rogers using their Reservation System today! /s

    • hoo dat

      My reply to a similar post elsewhere (you anti-RIM folks had better start thinking of new ways of complaining because, quite frankly, you’re all getting quite boring):

      How many people committed to the Nexus4 without knowing anything about it? Heck, you have people announcing their un-dying love for Nexus5 without even knowing a single thing about it. I’ve even read people HERE talking about Nexus6 already! And yet you call out people who know at least a little something about the phone they’re buying for pre-ordering it?

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), Jack

    RIM at $13.90

  • 2c


  • ASH

    Let the count down start!!!

  • Scotiaman

    Let’s hope for the best! A Canadian success story is greatly appreciated.

  • Ryan Robinson

    Here’s hoping for some openings to the public. I would absolutely love to be there.

  • roman

    There is no way it’ll be compelling enough on the 30th to make a dent in the market.
    Android v1/1.6 didn’t exactly make a splash, iOS took a few years to go mainstream, and WP7/WP8 is still desperately trying to get traction.
    It’ll be at least another year until the platform gains meaningful developer support (developers that matter), and third party services. A platform can’t thrive on fanboys alone.
    Best of luck.

    • Jon

      That’s not really true. They already supposed have 70,000+ apps available before it’s even been released. They’ve also been having 36 hour app port-a-thons which have all been a huge success. Now that all the SDKs have gone gold, we should see even more apps by launch time. The goal is 100K apps by Jan 30th.

    • hoo dat

      They aim to have a minimum of 100,000 specifically designed BB10 apps by launch but current growth figures puts that closer to 125-150,000. Add into that ports from PlayBook, Android and iOS, all certified BB10 ready and they’re talking 300-350,000 apps, more than any new OS launch in mobile history. In terms of apps, BB10 is 2.5 years ahead of where Android was at its launch, and close to 4 years ahead of iOS.

    • Hardened


      BB10 is a platform that can survive quite well without fanboys.

      Apps that matter by real developers: FaceBook, FourSquare, Cisco Jabbar/AnyConnect/WebEx, Adobe is working on a few currently. Is THAT not a decent minimal list for you? There are hundreds more and growing each day.

      MobileFusion & BES10 is gaining traction (BES10 is in Beta right now and in testing by public corporations), RIM’s NOC is incredibly strong even for the most recent rounds.

  • Jv


  • Ken

    Being a Canadian Company I hope it makes it.

  • Mike

    I want an invite too…

  • andy c

    @ Jon and Hoo Dat

    a ton of apps do not equal retail success. Windows phone has a ton of apps as well and there fortunes have not greatly improved.

    I’ll reserve judgement until BB10 is released. so far from the videos it looks really nice. it’s the only smartphone OS i have not tried yet (android, ios, WP, webOS, s60)

    • hoo dat

      I never stated that RIM would succeed or fail on apps alone, just merely pointing out that one of the areas that people are suggesting they do poorly in is apps. To me, with everything that’s known RIM are doing a really nice job of covering off all their bases. Most of the anti-Rim gang really seem to be struggling with their objections. It’s such a shame they can’t look at it for what it is; a well executed OS with some etremely unique features.

  • ELNY

    Good for RIM. Although I will never buy a blackberry phone, I know many people that swear by them and heck, if I needed a company phone without bells and whistles, BB would be the go to device.

  • Keith

    Good luck RIM.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    God damn, all of you nay sayers are down right retarded. RIM has 80 million customers(and growing, still), no debt(4 billion in the bank actually) and they make profit. you think they are just going to disappear? This is why you don’t run billion dollar corporations, because you are stupid. Like, really stupid. So stupid, I am amazed you are able to breath without assistance of a ventilator.

  • Jeff Rucchin

    hey im a day trader so im with rim and cant speak on how good iphone or android phones are. I know that i personally wouldn’t risk my private information with phones that are inferior with the security so i’ll bE ordering the new blackberry phones no matter what. I don’t understand why people would risk their private information on inferior phones. go rim