Nokia Canada survey outlines “Canadians’ worst mobile habits”

Nokia and Angus Reid have teamed up with some new stats that focusses in on the worst mobile habits of Canadians, plus also highlighted what percentage would break these habits in the New Year. The online survey was conducted on December 10th of 1,000 Canadians and basically found that we are highly connected to our mobile device. Here are some highlights:

– 25% admit to using their phone while at the dinner table
– 49% (18-34) would rather live without TV than forgo their cell phone
– 11% admit to spending one too many hours playing the latest mobile game
– 41% keep their cell phones within arm’s reach at all times (even while sleeping)
– 22% (18-34) send texts while in the movie theatre
– 18% of us admit to juggling an in-person conversation and texting at the same time
– 10% want to be a speed texter
– Canadians on average use their phone for 42 minutes/day (Alberta spends 67 minutes/day)

Probably the one that stands out for me is the multi-tasking as “78% are willing to or considering stopping this multi-tasking tendency.” That is way too high as this has become standard practice – plus is highly advertised by all mobile manufacturers. Otherwise, nothing really too shocking.