Nokia Canada survey outlines “Canadians’ worst mobile habits”


  • Dalex

    Wow I’m quite pleased with myself. I’m a huge tech junkie and I cannot go anywhere without having my smartphone on me, but I do not share most of these habits. Nice read, thank you.

  • No_Kia

    90% of Nokia Launches have been a fail in NA.

    99% of Canadians wanted the 920 NOT in BLACK!

    80% of Canadians think that Nokia is a Fantastic brand…In Europe and Asia!

    70% of Canadians think that Nokia would be better releasing Android phones.

    50% of Canadians would consider the next Nexus if made by Nokia

    40% of Canadians think that building a phone out of metal is “Cool” but its too heavy, makes the pohone too expensive and would rather have a phone with a light battery cover and BIgger battery.

    • KennyPowers

      99% of readers have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • xSellout

      2/3 of Canadian’s want the 920 on carriers OTHER than Rogers. actually it’s probably closer to 100%.

    • Eh?

      No, none of your stats are even close; made up on the spot to reflect your own personal opinions and desires.
      No, 99% of Canadians did not want a Nokia/Windows phone.
      The only people who care about Nokia are nerd tech junkies, and they’re a vocal minority. Most people don’t even know/care which phone is best. They don’t read reviews. They don’t know what they’re going to buy when they walk into the store. They get their unreliable information directly from the sales clerk in-store immediately before signing a 3yr contract. They don’t care about branding, and they don’t know which brands/models to avoid. They don’t even know Nokia still makes phones, OR that they USED TO BE really good.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    90% of statistics are made up on the spot.

    • d–

      45% of the population knows that

  • montrealer

    I agree with 99% wanted the 920 NOT in black

  • Raddik

    I wish there were a category for how many ‘ppl wish 2 stop txting like this.’

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Why is there no stat about how many Canadians currently use can’t take a dump without having their cell phone in their hands? I can’t remember the last time I went in there without mine.

    What would someone do in there without it?

    I can’t picture what I would do. I would be boring, no?

  • AWSguy

    100% canadians who bought a symbian S60v5 phone will think 10 times before giving their money to nokia.

    Learnt this the hard way.

  • eddiebaseball

    How is using the phone while on the can not up there?

  • Omega

    0% think that cell phone service prices are reasonable.

  • Joel

    No question about texting while driving?

    • Miguel

      Because 100% of people agree that’s ridiculous and stupid. Yet that won’t deter a great many of them.

    • Slappy

      Using a phone at a dinner table is ridiculous and stupid too, but it made the list.

  • seroevo

    Surprised the arms reach is only 41%. If you have it in your pocket when awake, and don’t have a landline and so just charge the phone on a night table, it’s easy to have your phone within arm’s reach at all times.

    Also surprised they didn’t include a stat for how many people use their smartphones while on the can.

  • Kefka

    22% of people text while in movies? I know that is less then 1/4 but that is still high! Who goes pays for a movie and then sits there distracting everyone else with thier phone lights and not pay attention to the movie they paid for?

    • Brad F

      it could be a really bad movie and they dont care anymore. id do that

  • Roger

    99.9% of individuals who use a Nokia or any other phone on Mobilicity have no working lobes.

  • boycott apple

    WE ARE THE 1%

  • EvanKr

    In all honesty I’d much rather give up my TV than smartphone, I get all my news and information online, and I’ve completely stopped with cable, and all programs that I watch are through Netflix or an online streaming service. Really, I only use my TV as a giant monitor for streaming media off my tablet or PC.

  • Michael

    Rogers please bring the 920 pentaband version not in black i love the red, i would have gotten the 920 already if it was red.

    • me

      im on it bro!

    • Um..

      I didn’t realize Michael can be a girls name.

  • gjeff12

    I think the multi tasking referred to here was the old kind like talking on the phone while watching a movie, or texting while eating dinner. That’s what the survey was about, not how many apps you want open at once.

  • ScytheNoire

    You failed to link to the original source.

    Even more amusing, this site has the identical write up also failing to link to the proper source material.

    Copying without credit. Always lets you know the quality of the site.

    Always give proper credit and linking to the source material.

  • Drew B

    – 49% (18-34) would rather live without TV than forgo their cell phone

    Ummmm How is that a worst mobile habit ?? That is clearly a choice and has nothing to do with habit !! Stupidiest survery I seen online yet!! Espcially the arms length one …when people had landlines in their bedrooms!!