WIND to launch BlackBerry App World carrier billing, hopefully in time for BlackBerry 10


  • rim is dead


  • EvanK

    This is about the only added fees you’ll ever find on a WIND bill.

    • Milpool

      It’s true. My bill has been $40+tax every month since I joined, with the exception of very few Away zone calls and outgoing texts. No disputable charges. No errors. To get this sort of unlimited billing peace of mind with the Big 3, you’re looking at over $100/month, and even that isn’t unlimited data.

    • T1MB0T

      ahuh suuure there is the 30 dolla switch crappy plan to another fee, the 25.00 sim card fee, the time you waist on hold fee, the keep nuke in a job fee, really how can a box boy at loblaws afford a wife 3 kids and a warren?

  • ruaman

    @rim is dead
    Only in your dreams, I***t.

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!! 😀 😀

  • Jack

    Great to hear Wind would be carrying the BlackBerry 10.
    Go Wind go. Go Rim go. Have a Berry Christmas and a Mighty New Year

  • thee

    Wind, Please bring BB10, I want to get rid off from ROBERS…I will get my BB10 on the first day of release!!!

  • mobiFAN

    too bad wind sucks, mobilicity will prob get the update sooner 🙂

  • Rick

    It’s true, Wind Mobile is killing Mobilicity and Mobi is going bankrupt. Thank you Wind.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    So its a very good possibility WIND will be getting the 10 🙂 and the trolls on here must be getting scared because this device will ROCK!!

  • STY

    Had Mobi, and data is crippling. Good network for senior citizens. Anyone else, go to Wind.

  • mobiFAN

    wind employees sell lists of there customers phone numbers thats why lots of there customers get strange calls from companys trying to sell them stuff lol, mobi is where its at.

  • Pablo Moses

    Tony is from Welland and RIM is from Waterloo, good duo.

    • Nukes butt pal

      Tony is dreamy but unemployed. Much like you peebo

  • 2c

    GO RIM GOOOO!!!!!!!

  • T1MB0T

    tony is a nobody. Al is the man and he already said no lte, and they are for sale. I wonder what will happen when wind is bought, will they just phase out the aws? I was sure I saw Ossamma at bell talking about the sale.. oh wait yea that was him as reported on the hofo!

  • Nukes best pal

    Embarrasing WIND customer experience

    WIND started holidays sales with some offers for superphones at $0. The last day of the sales they said they have run out of the phones. What a joke! Next thing I am gonna check them the first day after the sales end to see if they have them foe sales at regular price. I felt treated like a 3rd world customer. I knew they have phones but they have been told to keep them for the regular price. I feel trouble with them all the way. So embarrasing… CTRC was right when they didn’t accept them first time. I wonder when Orange or Vodaphone from Europe will come to Canada with their amazing plans. This in debt strange ownership structure financial engineered company seems nothing but trouble. Even the former employees speak out about their culture and behaviour. Better stay away. They need to go back to learn how to run a business in Canada. Please stop people like that from corrupting the Canadian society this way. If you let people and companies like that to do it, it will end up really bad and I guess Canadian wil have to do something about it. If Canada resisted recession better than the others was for a reason. However, I see wicked people flourishing every corner, and what was very isolated cases now is a common trend. Will Canada resist wicked things like this WIND? I hope so.