RIM CMO on BlackBerry 10: “at launch we will have more than 70,000 apps available”


  • lukeiphone

    Great! Looking forward to this.

    • Times up

      Sorry rim. Your time is up. You’re dead.

    • Jack

      @Times Up … there’s a lineup at cash three that’s building. Get back to bagging groceries and save your armchair ceo expertise for when the lineup has gone down at No Frills


      Still no date!

      Good thing RIM PR has their employees thumbing down like mad and posting fake posts about switching from iPhone and Android to BB10 which no one knows anything about.

      Yah, let’s go spend $40 to preorder a phone we know nothing about LOL, including it’s price.

    • hoo dat

      RIM has, on several occassions, announced actual release dates, dates where the phones will be physically in the stores, I’m guessing you’ve chosen to ignore then as they don’t seem to fit in with your agenda:

      Jan 30th: Full launch announcement;

      Feb 7th: Initial launch: Major markets;

      Feb 21st: Launch: Rest of world.

    • NoDATE

      Re: those 2B that RIM has in cash just wait for This Thursday Dec 20th and the Earnings conference call.

      Yeah RIMM stock is up, but stock holders seem to forget that RIMM’s stock dropps 10% in a day and it doesn’t even make news anymore.

      My forecast?
      $10 by the end of the yr.

    • phreezerburn

      I believe RIM is fine at the end of the 2013 investment cycle and I just witnessed a big old profit on Qualcomm calls. How did you do in the last two days?

    • jack

      but 65000 of them are fart apps 🙁

  • Darth Paton

    I’ll just say this now: I don’t like what I’ve seen in BB10 so far. The look is cluttered, it brings noting significant to the table in terms of features, and it just doesn’t catch my attention. Others will diasgree, but I just can’t see myself (or anyone else) waiting till February to get one of these phones.

    • Trom C.

      Plenty of people that I know are very much excited about BB10. Just giving you a different perspective 😉

    • Darth Paton

      Geez, 39 dislikes. I guess I just encountered the 39 people who are actually excited for this phone. I’m sorry you found my opinion offensive.

    • G -man

      Actually, Darth, it’s more that 4 out of 5 people disagree with you, making you statistically insignificant…


      Darth, it’s the RIM PR team thumbing you down. I have a friend named Tim Henderson who works at RIM.

      As part of their PR campaign they scour these boards thumbing down anti-RIM posts.

    • NoDATE

      It’s well known that this site is pro-RIM and pro-Android.
      The android PR machine slowed dows in the last months but now it got re-ignited (noticed the 5 or more RIM-posts in a row)?

      This site has become relevant in Canada so dropping a few $1,000 here in advertorials goes a long way, in both mind awareness and buzz. RIM is laughing all the way now, the more comments pro or against RIM the more noise they get!
      The worst thing that could happen to RIM is for Syrup to post something-RIM and to get 8 comments.

      The Same goes with Windows: with ONE Billion in their marketing budget and a couple $$ dropped to Syrup, the Windows news can be plentiful.

      MS enemy is themselves and their STUPID pricing of the Surface, the Nokias, and the Windows phone in general; they simply won’t sell at such high prices! Drop the prices and Windows will take off.
      End of Objectorial.

  • Let’s be honest here…

    As long as the basics are very well covered, I don’t care if there is only a 100 apps available.

    • Greedy

      Did your mom drop you on your head when you were a kid? Say what you want RIM sheep are the biggest losers on earth, they live in this distortion feild.

    • Ramone

      I know that you are an angry troll, but tell me how 100 solid apps are not better than thousands of repetitive fart apps?

  • freestaterocker

    I wish them success. Competition breeds improvement, and us users will reap the benefits!

    • some guy

      Until the lawsuits begin.

  • WTangoFoxtrot

    Quitting is for the weak, the weary which RIM is proving to be anything but

  • js

    i’d be interested to know how many of the apps are native. you’re able to compile android apps for qnx/bb10. and i received an e-mail saying that my company’s playbook app, which is android-based, will automatically be compatible with bb10 smartphones. 70,000 must include these android apps, which aren’t designed for the OS. i’m not a developer so feel free to correct me or clarify.

    • hoo dat

      That’s 70,000 apps specifically designed for BB10, they really anticipate 100,000 come launch. Others put the number closer to 125,000-150,000. On top of that they have tested and approved apps being ported in from PlayBook, Android and iOS bringing the actual number of apps closer to 300-325,000.

  • John

    I hope it lives up to it’s expectations. Everyone should support RIM if it if decent enough to replace your iPhone5 or S3.

  • richard a

    Im thinking of giving up my gs3 for one! If the battery performs well on these new blackberries I wont even have to hesitate

  • Stephen

    Any word on if BB10 will be identical on the Playbook? including all these apps they are talking about?

    • phreezerburn

      Supposed to be getting another update then this drops or so they say on Crackberry.

  • phreezerburn

    70,000 or 700,000, what’s the diff when 90+% are glorified shortcuts. I’ve waded through a pile of the newest releases for my wife’s iPhone 4s, daughter’s iPhone 5 and my own Lumia 800 and Note II. The majority of the new apps, as they are, negate the vast majority of what came before. M$ may as well be crowing about floppies and stiffies.

    • Jon

      The difference is press and marketing. Everyone talks about the number of apps, not the quality. RIM has also been focusing hard on the quality. They’ve been pushing their BBUI for HTML5 apps and Cascades framework for native so that they look good and have the same flow.

      Also, they are trying to have as many as the ‘must-have’ apps for launch, which is really what most of us care about.

  • Craig

    > Just over six weeks to go…

    Six weeks until an *announcement*. We’ll get a good peek at the device and at that time the availability date (“end of Q1”, “Early Q2”) will be revealed. Its still going to be a long wait ’till these devices get into consumers hands.

    Also, very little has been said on the keyboard-ed unit. How long until RIM releases it? Q3?

    • QC_Al

      Do a couple of quick google searches on a subject before posting a half witted non-informed reply. You make yourself look stupid. Just sayin’

  • howitzer

    If it can easily integrate with google services i might take a look, a serious one.

  • phreezerburn

    On a lark, how many apps do the rest of you use. I don’t make use of more than a few dozen on each platform with anything resembling regularity.

    • pacalis

      I use 4 over and over again.

      Weather, calendar, pictures and music.

  • iFizzle

    Realistically as long as they have the top 500 apps that are on Android and iOS then there wont be a problem. No one is gunna be up in arms because they can’t get their favorite fart app, but if you can’t get mainstream apps like Skype, netflix, etc and many of the google apps that will produce a significant adoption problem for the platform.

    • EvanKr

      I totally agree. Today I considered, “what do I use my phone for?”, and actually what I use outside of the mainstream apps is usually the browser, music player, etc. I have no need for 700 000+ applications, honestly BB10 is looking more appealing to me each day.

      Now I’m just hoping for reasonable pricing, and stellar hardware.

  • Dhananjay Datar

    How about the Battery life.. i am facing this huge issue of very poor battery on blackberry touch screen. Also the instrument gets hanged very often. Does not support apps like Viber etc.. Is all this packaged in blackberry 10??

    • phreezerburn

      This is nothing like their old handsets and my old Tour was a battery miser. If this is anything like the playbook for battery management, it will do just fine regarding juice. The smaller screen doesn’t hurt either.

    • DareDevil

      Dhananjay Datar, that’s one of the best things about the BB10 phone. Unlike an iPhone, the battery is removable. Power users can easily have a second battery and swap on the go. If the battery management is as good as my PlayBook, I’ll be very pleased, but it’s nice to know that if I decided to go hiking for a weekend with no ability to charge, I could always carry a spare battery.

  • gramz

    instgram msn and skype programs that need to be on bb10

  • Back in Black

    I have three on pre-order with Rogers.
    One for me, my wife, and our daughter.


      I pre-ordered 15 BB10 devices, 2 for me, 3 for each of my wives, and the rest for my dog’s Pookie and Magnus.

      I am thinking of pre-ordering even more just in case.

  • Andrew

    anyone notice how the calendar and music app icons appears like three times each? weird haha.

    • jess

      Thats one of the first leaked pics of bb10. It doesnt look like that anymore haha, they were just placeholder icons.

    • NoDATE

      They actually need more calendars:

      BB10 coming this summer
      BB10 coming next February
      BB10 coming by early next yr
      BB10 by end of Q1 2013

      Do you want a firm date for BB10 ??
      WTF? who do you think I am Google, Apple?? get out of here!
      We are in golden status, then we will move to Diamond, lava Titanium and Moon Rock..then we get out of ALpha versions and we move to Beta-stage….

  • Bilzkh

    Sweet! Looking forward to what’s ahead (Lumia 920 user).

  • eddiebaseball

    As long as QucikPull is one of them, cuz you know, “it’s a Blackberry thing.”

  • Dalex

    I just checked, I have 49 apps out of a possible 700,000 on the Google Play Store. I use maybe 5-10 on a regular basis.. The number of apps is really quite irrelevant. It just needs quality apps and the big names that people want to see (Instagram, Skype, Flipboard or Pulse, Pandora, Netflix and a few others).

    • phreezerburn

      That’s why I keep on bringing this up everywhere from Mobilesyrup and EhMac to Ars Technica and Engadget. The redundancy in the app markets is absolutely staggering and in no way a boon to those having to wade through it or make a living from it save for a few stellar app developers and those at the top of the pyramid collecting 30% of the gate.

  • jess

    Already preordered 🙂

  • Fandroid

    I’ll wait for my Nexus 4, thanks

    • QC_Al

      Perfect, and by the time you actually get your hands on it and debug it and get to download the latest version of your OS, Those who wait to get their BB10 devices will already be “getting stuff done”.

  • EvanKr

    Wow, 70 000 is honestly incredibly impressive. While it still may ot be up there with iOS or Android, it’s definitely approaching WP territory.

    And let’s be honest, of those 700 000 available on Google Play or iTunes, how many are just slight variations or simply apps that serve the same purpose as each other? The only time where having a high number of apps is important is if you’re into something specialized. For example, a friend of mine didn’t even consider WP because of its lack of roller derby apps, something important that she needed, that’s where having a high number of apps can come in handy.

  • Brian

    is this the samsung galaxy s 4?

    • EvanKr

      Okay, even I thought that was funny 😆

  • Lou Diamonds

    70,000 Apps.

    That’s a lot of Rebooting. LOL Seriously, I hope this isn’t required for installs & upgrades.

    I have 17 downloaded from Play Store and use 7-9 every day.

    • Dan

      Nope no re-booting needed on the new BlackBerry 10 OS.

  • Blackberry By Choice

    Seriously, I want a public transport app. I have an HTC One X and a BB 9810. I pretty use the HTC for amazing photo’s and finding out when the next OC transpo bus comes….and anyone else in Ottawa will know why that’s important to know 😉

    Regardless I’m sold on this either way. 12hr+ battery is a must have under HEAVY use for me!

  • Mark

    Only blackberry products I really liked was the Bold 9000. The Torch was nice when first released and the 9900 is great. I didn’t own these smartphones but I may buy my first BB10 device if the top apps are there and the battery is good.

  • Mike

    70,000 LMAO LOL thats pitiful, and I bet non of them are any good. This isn’t even close to Androids 750,000 apps. And I bet that 69,997 of those apps are paid apps that no one will want.

    • skullan

      Pitiful? What’s more pitiful, having 400,000 apps and only 1% of them being used, or your comment about only having 70,000+ apps, which will likely have the same 1%?

      There are only so many apps that are out there which people actually care to use.

      The rest are trash.

      The only one I have a concern about right now is Netflix and even then, meh…

  • Sweet

    My understanding is that 70,000 is the number of native BB10 apps and the total number of apps (native + non-native) that will run on the device is 300,000. It would be nice if RIM clarified that. But I guess it doesn’t matter in the end. At least not at this point.

    I use something like 15 apps regularly on my iPod Touch, and around 35 or so in total. I don’t expect to use anymore than that when I switch to a smartphone. So the BB offerings should be good enough for me.

  • Sweet

    My understanding is that 70,000 is the number of native BB10 apps and the total number of apps (native + non-native) that will run on the device is 300,000. It would be nice if RIM clarified that. But I guess it doesn’t matter in the end. At least not at this point.

    I use something like 15 apps regularly on my iPod Touch, and around 35 or so in total. I don’t expect to use anymore than that when I switch to a smartphone. So the BB offerings should be good enough for me.

  • Sweet

    My understanding is that 70,000 is the number of native BB10 apps and the total number of apps (native + non-native) that will run on the device is 300,000. It would be nice if RIM clarified that. But I guess it doesn’t matter in the end. At least not at this point.

    I use something like 15 apps regularly on my iPod Touch, and around 35 or so in total. I don’t expect to use anymore than that when I switch to a smartphone. So the BB offerings should be good enough for me.

  • mike

    @sweet lmao lol blackberry does not have 300,000 don’t be crazy. Their total after launching bb10 will be 70,000 and that’s it.

    • some guy

      Michael, Michael, Michael.
      You’ve really got a strangle hold on “Moar Appz = Moar Betterz”.

      Me thinks you are compensating?

    • phreezerburn


      If a company came out and made THE ONE APP and it did everything anything else can do (being also infinitely adaptable) and in every language on the planet but still had only a single solitary app in their store, would it still be an issue to you?

  • Sweet

    Ooops. Sorry about the duplicate posts. Browser screwed up.

    Thanks for the clarification Mike. Clearly I’m not a BB user. 🙂 I should browse the BB App World, to see what they have on there.

    • G -man

      You’re listening to MIKE?!?!???

  • skullan

    I’m getting excited for BB10. I recently switched back to a BB 9300 from my Nexus S.

    There were trade-offs, but overall, I have a phone with great reception, amazing communication abilities and a longer lasting battery.

    As soon as I save up enough money, assuming that the ecosystem is at least as good as Androids a.k.a. very little and assuming no major fails in design, I will be picking one up.

    Thinking it will need to be a keyboard version for me though.

  • Plan Shopper

    What I really need is to be able to scan to and print from my phone. iOS and Android can do it. As soon as BB10 has this then I am definitely coming back.

  • Nothin But RIM

    I agree, I have Netflix on my iPhone and i’ve used it once. I can actually stream movies on my playbook or my computer. It’s nice to have but I really just use Netflix on my playstation.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), Jack

    Before the bell. RIM at $13.62

    -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trollers

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    RIM @ $13.63

    -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trolls.

  • JJJ

    Does he mean BB10 apps? Or ported Android apps?

    I find it hard to believe that there will be 70,000 apps, many of which would be written in C++/qml, developed and ready to go at launch. I could be wrong, but that stat seems like there’s a catch.

  • roshelle

    bb 10 needs instagram

    • hoo dat

      Why? So we can all take pictures like 12 year old schoold girls?

  • Edward Szklar

    “what could be the greatest comeback in tech history.” – No that was Apple with Steve Jobs coming back in the late ’90’s. However, I am rooting for RIM and BB10.

    • phreezerburn

      Had Braun and a few others the foresight to patent novel use and aesthetics as they developed for their own markets…

  • Dave

    Wow? A whooping 70,000 Apps and sadly enough that you can’t even get a whooping 7 Apps out of these. Rip Rim!

  • Bubbles

    Does 3 calendar apps count as 3 or as 1?

  • Luchito

    I do not care if they have 7,000, 70,000 or 700,000 apps. I have 70 apps in my Android phone, and 65 in my Playbook, that is all I need.

  • Trel araH

    I bought the Torch 9860 (all touchscreen) thinking that BB7 was the next best thing… after 11months I gave my phone up for a Samsung GSIII and couldn’t be happier. I REALLY hope RIM’s BB10 lives up to the hype, as they have a long way to go to match Android and Apple.

  • pacalis

    I have the same experience as Trel. Unfortunately. My experience with BB is that the apps i used were far slower and more difficult to use than either ipHone or Android.

    Also, while BB is pitching it’s new keyboard, Android ICS has insanely good voice to text. For the last month I barely use a keyboard.

    I keep back on these forums hoping to see a ray of hope, and at least the device looks nice, but I still don’t see it.

  • Zee

    I do not get it. Why they are catching on so slow? While they are making one product there are literally several dozens of smartphones released since first news of bb10, and some of them by same company, such as Samsung, iPhone etc…

    I wish them luck, but they have change their business ethic.

  • Marc

    Those look like rounded corners to me

  • truther

    Funny, these clowns were saying that it wasn’t about the number of apps but the quality. Now they are touting the number of apps that will be available.

    Expected incompetence from this soon to be dead company.

  • toosee roll

    I pre-ordered 2. I need some shims for my dresser.

  • toosee roll

    Despite RIM’s imminent failure I don’t buy this price. This is Bell inflating the MRSP to make it seem like they are subsidizing a large amount when the rook you on a 3-year contract.

    It needs to come in at no more than $99, this will result in solid sales in developing countries … the only places were the BB brand is actaully valued.

  • cedrick

    BB doesn’t support skype apps that we need mostly,please insert it at appworld we really need it.