RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 device to be called the BlackBerry Z10?


  • asdfasfa

    Zed 10 has a nice ring to it but Zee 10 doesn’t sound too great




      RIP RIM.

    • Steven Hurdle

      This is exactly what I came here to say. Zed10 would sound very good, whereas Zee10 would sound less professional (and the commercials ear-bleedingly annoying).

      If it’s Zed10, though, I’ll be happy.

  • Mlads (@mladeniki)

    Black bezel on the white model? lame

    • Ron Mexico

      I agree, looks like a company not willing to spend to have two different colored bezels to save on the cost of parts. Weak sauce RIM.

  • Sgt.Romanov


  • Dalex

    Looks pretty finished and real to me, especially with all the recent leaks and the vietnamese hands-on video. It looks pretty good actually, and I would think its pretty thin and easy to hold.

    SD Card, Removable battery, Snapdragon S4 Plus or better and decent battery with a very efficient looking OS, it seems RIM may have itself a winner.

    I might purchase the black one and give BB10 a try depending on the pricing.

  • sp

    yup…id go all in on the white model for this one!!!


  • JP

    Android 4 Life!

  • skullan

    z10 sounds like a ZTE product.

    Call it something sexy. z10 = snooooore.

    Product Manager: “Hey guys, we’re in trouble here, we’ve just spent more than two and a half years redesigning a new Operating System and well, we need to label the phone, we need something sexy!”

    Employee 1: Sable?

    PM: Nope!

    Employee 2: BBThunderGodPhoneOfLoveKThnkxBye!!

    PM: Nope!

    Employee 3: z10?

    PM: By god, I got a strange tingly sensation in my Nether Regions!

  • Tyler

    If they call this the “zee” 10 on launch day in Toronto I’m going to be severely disappointed. Especially since the 9900 I set up for my girlfriend was set to English US by default with Imperial maps. What the heck, RIM. Be Canadian and proud of it.

  • Luc

    I couldn’t care less what it’s called.. the more interesting part of this leak is the screen shot of BBM video!

  • coop3422

    It looks good, but I agree, looks like they cheaped out on the white one havign a black bezel. Would have looked much sexier if the whole thing was white IMHO. Still a good looking phone though, hope the OS is everything they say it is.

  • Sweet

    The black bezel on the white body looks much better than I thought it would.

    I’m really glad to see they rounded the corners. Apple’s rectangle-with-rounded-corners patent will surely be invalidated by the USPTO, as it should be, if it hasn’t happened already.

    So far, everything about BB10 that I’ve seen so far looks like winners to me. But it could still fail at reliability, battery life and price, any one of which could cause BB10 to fail in the market place. It will be great if RIM can pull this off. I hope they do.

  • Dman

    I’m thinking RIM should seed free demo devices to store Reps if they really want to succeed..hint hint.

  • Why

    Ugly ugly ugly.

    Where are the designers? On vacation?

    Ugliest device of 2013 hands down!

    • Dalex

      Yep, with the confidence you have in claiming that an unreleased device is the ugliest device of 2013 on December 20th, *2012*, I wonder why RIM didn’t hire you for the design *rolls eyes*.

  • Sweet

    On MobileSyrup.com, I read the articles for information and I read the comments for entertainment. 🙂

  • Hipster

    Too bad they can’t called it the BBX. That’s got a nice ring to it.

    • Dan

      I was going to go for the white one but now I’m leaning more towards the black Z10. Black Bezel on a white phone is not cool. Come on RIM.

  • John

    So did anyone else see the rumoured specs on bgr?
    Same processor as my 2011 Galaxy S2 and a gig of ram. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Welcome to 2011 rim.. Oh wait, you’re launching your dated spec model in 2013.

    Fail. Behind the times as usual.

    I guess when you’re a year late you don’t have time to update to new hardware?

    Hold on…. I remember an earnings call in Summer 2012 when Mike Lazaridis said the delay was because of a delay in the availability of the processor.
    Liar liar.