Samsung to demo a 5.5-inch flexible display at CES 2013 (has a resolution of 1280×720)


  • Thai

    Apple fangirls just squeezed out a rosebud in their panties.

    • Ben Zilber

      Haha.. Your comment made me nearly s**t out a Nokia [6]


      Wow those images looks so nice and clear when they are distorted… NOT.
      What a stupid idea.

      Samsung why don’t you just give up already. Too little, too late.

  • Alpha

    That’s nice. It’s too bad the battery, pcb and the rest of the phone’s supporting infrastructure isn’t flexible. Fold that 7″ Note 4 in half and shove it in your pocket!

  • Matthew

    Nice, but I have no idea what the hell you’d use a flexible OLED screen for. I don’t want a bendable cell phone, they’re too expensive to use in print media. This seems like one of those “because we can” things.

    • Um..


    • shanky

      Did you see a nicely curved unit at the end of the video? This is just one of the reasons right there.

      No one is saying that the phone will be flexible in itself just yet, but the shapes of the phones will definitely become much more ergonomic and comfortable to handle and hold.

    • EvanK

      Aside from being a neat party trick, I could see it being especially useful for people who want a larger phone, say Galaxy Note size, but are worried about it bending or being damaged in their pocket, especially for people with skinny jeans.

  • AP

    I believe the idea is that the screen becomes much harder to crack due to its flexibility. I’m sure lots of people drop their phones and crack the screen. This (hopefully) will alleviate that

  • Zoon

    This is what I call innovation, not the overhyping and expensive advertising of something that hasn’t changed in 5 years, and is clearly overprised *cough*

  • Money is everything

    Is this bb10?

    Seriously, why would anyone need this. The battery and chips won’t be bendable.

  • KC

    Why?! I get that it’s innovation but is it useful?

  • Dave


  • Bryan

    People don’t get it.

    This new flexible screen technology is game changing. It will cause phone displays to be shatter proof, and it will use signficantly less power. Both are huge innovations which will give Samsung an even bigger lead in worldwide smartphone sales.

    • vram’s sexy boyfriend

      This man gets it!

      Come on, nerds, catch up!

  • vram

    If it can bend and close all the way, it will be like an authentic and seamless smart flip phone. I always imagined this flexible screen tech to reduce sizes of phones by folding in on itself. Could be where Samsung would like to go.

    • briggs

      Sure, right after a flexible board, battery, and everything else is created. Not saying this is by any means useless, but to implement tech where everything is flexible is still a few years away unfortunately. Although it would be cool to see a concept.

  • lol

    Why would a bendable screen use “significantly less power”?

    • vengefulspirit99

      not so much about how it begin flexible makes it consume less power, but more of it being how it’s extremely thin and the tech behind it.

  • Miko12

    Doesn’t seem useful.

  • new_tradition

    Well hang on. If you attach the internals and battery TO the bendable screen, wire it in some sophisticated way, slap another bendable material on the back, there might be something to this, I think.

    Truthfully I’m waiting for the era of holograms *_*

  • dave

    Totally useless.


    flex-displays are here

  • Peter

    I know I would have trouble flattening this back evenly……Except for laying a book on top of it and press down against a table

  • Wonka

    Yipee for innovation! what would the world be like if we didn’t push ideas forward!! Now on to a 100″ wrap around display I can game with.. bye, bye 3 monitors!!

  • John Edwards

    I like how most are dissing the screen because we don’t have flexible materials to go with it. Like others mentioned, flexible screens will mean less screen breaking for the very least.

    I will also like to add that flexible batteries are in the works. The other materials can already be made flexible if needed.

    Give it 3 years and you’ll see flexible phones.

  • pacalis

    I doubt the value is in actually making a flex device. What Samsung is really showing is that it has a production process that can make screens that are extremely thin, resilient, shatter and stress proof, through what must be integrated process with low unit costs.

  • Mike

    I think it would open lots of possilibities for the adult industry, just like 3D TV.

    Imagine sex toys with flexible display… You can dial 900# with body-form adpapting devices 🙂

    It’s a big step since the invetion of phone sex. The chapter is about to be rewritten, hehe.

  • J-Ro

    I like where their going, maybe now other competitors will finally make some truly innovative. Other than process, this has to be one of the most advanced steps in mobile technology (and anything to do with display). Lol when this is in tv`s and laptops, imagine the liberty you will feel telling a future shop sales guy to go to hell when asked for a warranty.