Samsung Galaxy Camera finds a home at TELUS


  • boycott apple

    you can grab yourself an entry canon/nikon DSLR with kit lens at this price.

    too expensive for a point and shoot..

    to make things worse.. it’s only available at telus.

    • Ian

      “For those who don’t want to trek down to your local Black’s Photo…”

  • Russ8

    Why on earth would someone buy this camera when you can get a very good dslr for a cheaper price? Is uploading to Facebook realtime really that important ?

    • BaconTelevision

      For some people its very important, unfortunately…

    • EvanKr

      Even then, just grab an EyeFi card and sync with your smartphone. Just as easy.

      Besides, as much as I love some of Samsung’s cameras and Android as a whole, when it comes to photographing I need physical buttons and quick manual control, this just doesn’t cut it.

  • aliwhatsit

    I love the idea of integrating mobile OS in a camera.
    But not at $600. Maybe @ $300 we’ll talk.

  • TP

    great potential, but the price ruined it.

  • Mike

    Why would people pay $599.99 for just a camera LMAO LOL. when you can buy the actual Galaxy S3 for $550 at Koodo and have a Phone, and an awesome camera together. Cause the S3 takes awesome pictures, better than my Digital Camera.

  • Mike

    And besides, how many people always carry a camera with them all the time. its like hang on people while I go to my car to get my Camera, and wait a few moments until I turn on my camera to take a picture. Then the Moment is already done. But everyone carries a smartphone on them all the time. A perfect picture moment comes, take out your Galaxy S3 use your fast Camera unlock shortcut, press capture and its done, while everyone else is still walking to there car to get their Digital camera’s from the car.

  • silenbam

    Enormous potential. Burlesque price. Enough said.

  • What?

    If you are a serious photographer, you will have a DSLR. If you just want something to capture spur-of-the-moment pics, then use your smart phone.
    … and that price!

    I’m willing to wager the guy at Samsung that came up with this idea is no longer working for Samsung. What an embarrassment!