Microsoft Surface RT now available at Staples Canada


  • dv

    it’s about Damn time, can finally test it out before I buy it.

  • Dave

    $619 for a tablet with no Apps! Go back to bed MS.

  • Wes

    pass… just way too expensive. 20$ more than the ipad 4 and doesn’t include the keyboard. Robbers.

  • Yeria

    Well.. if I’m prepared to spend $719 + tax for a supposedly portable productivity machine with a keyboard, I’d rather buy a laptop…

    • Steven Hurdle

      @Wes I actually think Microsoft would like to charge less for the Surface, but to do so they’d have to undercut their OEM partners which they’re not prepared to do… yet.

      @Yeria When I traveled to Toronto (from Victoria) for the ExpoCycle trade show earlier this year, I traveled with both a tablet and a laptor. Next year I plan to travel with just my Surface as I think it will competently do both. Since I rarely check baggage, any space I can save is *very* welcome!

      @Dalex Surface Pro would be more appealing for you, then, and I get that. I bought the Surface RT because I needed the integrated Office, and needed the ability to do put two apps side-by-side, but didn’t need legacy apps at all.

      @Tom Why would I want a Nexus 10, Tom? I need Office, I value the kickstand, and no keyboard solution for the Nexus comes close to the elegance of the keyboard cover (especially the Type Cover).

  • Dalex

    It’s so brutally expensive… The tegra 3 cannot handle the bloaty Windows RT so its not even an enjoyable experience. It has a barren wasteland of a store and cannot run legacy windows programs. Unless you have a fetish for Microsoft products, why would anyone purchase this?

  • The Spaniard

    For that price?!? Pass!

  • Tom

    As an Android user I can understand that some Android (or iPhone) users want to try WP8, so they buy something like the Lumia 920 which sounds pretty good.

    But buying the Surface over the Nexus 7 or Nexus 10 makes no sense to me – that’s just throwing away money.

    • ishallpost!

      Silly fandroid, the world is not just full of Android and iPhone users.

      There are some *shock* Nokia users, that would want to get a NEW Nokia and get themselves a 920.

  • shawn

    Family is very happy with our surface. Onenote shared shopping list is the hit app. the People hub is another favourite for all social networks in one spot. Streaming music from the main computer is good. Playing movies from the media computer is awesome. PLAY TO XBOX feature is real nice for getting content to the big screen wireless. The micro(?) HDMI is awesome for watching on big screen.

    And the USB port and microSD cards provide so much content flexibility.

    Would not trade for any other tablet.

    Cant find it on staples without the direct link. Search just gives me the French version.
    Cant find a sleeve designed for the Surface anywhere in Canada. I know lots of generic sleeves fit, but I don’t want a generic one.

    • Michael

      If the OneNote shared shopping list is the “hit app” in your household then I wholly pity you all. What do you guys do for fun? Make spreadsheets in the excel app on your surface while on long car trips to Delaware or something?

  • moritz

    bought one yesterday. I was surprised at how quick it felt and how good it is to type on. compared with the ultrabooks/tablet hybrids like the Yoga it hits a nice balance of cost, portability, and productivity for me. I thought I was going to wait for the pro, but I am really happy with this so far.

  • screamer

    Wow that is a deal 719$ just awesome should I buy two of them? When the playbook came out I bought four of them. Now for real. Who is gonna buy this things for this price? All the tablets and smartphone are overpriced. Even the nexus for 299 $ is still heavy price. How much is it to make them?

    • surfacable

      all the people complaining about the price.. relax and think about what you are saying. go price a 64GB iPad with the touch cover (that doesn’t include a mouse or keyboard on it) add in all the add ons like hdmi out, usb out, and and sd slot, then come back and complain! what’s that…. silence

  • graison

    I’ll probably stick with the ipad mini

    • Steven Hurdle

      Saying you’ll stick with the iPad Mini is a bit like saying you’ll stick with a barbeque instead of a glass-topped kitchen range. They’re totally different.

      The iPad Mini (or the full-sized iPad for that matter) is great for content consumption. I think the iPad Mini’s 8″ size is a good compromise size between 7″ and full-sized tablets.

      The Surface is for content creation, and muuuuuuuch better than any Apple tablet in that vein (my previous tablet was an iPad 2). The widescreen aspect ratio allows for the form-fitting keyboard cover to actually have a keyboard wide enough that it can be comfortably and reliably touch-typable even for someone with big hands like me. The ability to have two apps open side by side is a game changer. The included Microsoft Office adds tonnes of value (that costs money on PC, remember).

  • bilzkh

    The 32GB Surface RT with touch cover is $700 after taxes, that’s simply too much. I like it, but honestly, they should price it at $399 with touch cover, tops.

  • Myles

    It’s 10.6 inches.

  • monkman

    Microsoft, d*****s something we can afford duh 600-700 are you that stupid, or greedy oh wait Microsoft must be run by the NHLPA gimme gimme gimme

  • Blas

    Just as a heads up they now also have it listed on the Future Shop website, although it’s not yet available for order.
    I actually noticed this a couple days ago when searching for the Surface RT on google a link on the Future Shop and Best Buy websites but they weren’t yet active.
    Should be interesting.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    OMG.. I just clicked on Like for the comment about sticking with the iPad mini over this.

    I would also rather pay $749 for the Samsung Note 2 over this. How about a Kona Paddy Wagon bike to look like a hipster riding around downtown?

    -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trolls.

  • glonq

    Ouch, you could buy a real computer for that much money.

    All surface RT devices need to drop by $200.

  • Opti

    Wonder why they only have the 64GB surface Windows RT? Because you loose 16GB of your storage for the Windows RT OS. 16GB for an arm OS? ouch.

  • some guy


    I’ll stick with my laptop tyvm.

    $720 + tax! Ahahaha, what a joke…

  • CRTC

    Way too much $$

    MS set themselves up for failure they should have subsidized the cost- 399 starting price.

  • Drew B

    I’m sorry 599.99 for this tablet is to god dam much to beigin wit let alone the numerous flaws that have been pointed out on numerous valid tech review sites.To turn around and charge 719.00 with a cover ( black !!! ) and I can’t even pcik the color without being charged a crazy 145 dollar cost !! FU Microsoft !!!

  • Frederick Edwards

    Too pricey for what you get — tegra internals & wifi only. Looking to Nokia for its tablet this spring, or possibly the Samsung ATIV tablet both use the QUALCOMM S4, and include wireless options.

    Hope the price comes down to earth by then. =/

  • kman

    Wow that is crazy expensive!

  • Edward Szklar

    Too expensive for what you get. I’ll be waiting for the Surface Pro myself. That and the ASUS Transformer Book. Yes it will be more expensive at $1000+ but I’d rather toss that money here than on an RT tablet which really should be no more than $400 tops.

  • Mike E

    Wow, so inexpensive and cheap, I’m buying 10 of them, for family and friends and my dog.

  • Steven Hurdle

    To all the people bove saying why would anyone buy this over an iOS or Android tablet, I did and it was because of the ability to open apps side by side, and the inclusion of Microsoft Office for free. Pair those two things up, and they’re magic. The 16:9 aspect ratio didn’t hurt my feelings either (especially when opening up apps side-by-side).

    And the keyboard cover is truly a superior data entry system.

  • swizzlerz

    “””its too expensive””” that’s all you people have to say.. don’t buy it then.. save your pennies and get a crappy tablet.

    I remember a time a usable pc was well over a few grand!!!!!

    what would you have done back then???

    oh ya it was the 90’s non of you had any computers!!!!!!!!