Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 software update now available, fixes camera issues and brings better performance


  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Service Pack 1 is ready! Time to test.

    -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trolls.

  • DonSod

    Hey, what about the 8x updates! When are Rogers/Bell gonna push those out? Seems some European phones, both carrier and unlocked have already begun receiving them 🙁

  • bilzkh

    I just updated by Lumia 920… took about 30 minutes, no hiccups 🙂

  • Sean

    A little off topic but how do I create a playlist on the Lumia 920? Its simple on Android but I can’t figure it out. I’m new to WP8. Any help would be appreciated.

    I got the update as well!!

    • Harley

      Unfortunately… Windows Phone 8 doesn’t support creation of playlists on XBOX Music. The only way to create a playlist is if you connect it to your computer.

  • len

    Just updated mine as well… All seems good so far!

  • Just saying

    It should be “OTA software update” – doesn’t make sense the other way around.

  • philip

    I’m glad we received the Nokia update but now we need the Microsoft update that fixes the Wi-Fi connection issue.

  • Nico

    After updating, GPS now reporting wrong current location. Is other persons hit by this ?

    • Steven Hurdle

      Works fine for me in Bing Maps. Are you using the in-built Nokia Maps, or did you unlock Bing Maps?

      Just checked Nokia Maps, it is also correctly showing me my current location.