RIM’s BlackBerry 10 all-touch device can now be reserved via Rogers Reservation System


  • iphoneee

    it no come with apple maps

    • RIMservation

      RIM is announcing BB10 the last day of January 2013.

      NOBODY knows the EXACT release date/price of BB10 PHONES.

      The Current announcement for PHONES is end of March 2013.

      RIM Has been LATE one every single hardware announcement during the last two years.

      If the phones were avaialble in stores by mid-end of February, they would say so.

      RIM is just trying to stop people from getting a new phone this holiday season.

  • wp74life

    Wow, seriously can’t wait what these guys will bring to us!

  • Kevin


    I would reserve one today!

  • Doug

    Just reserved mine!




  • Sterling

    Sweet, I reserved mine!! GO RIM GO!!!

  • Dan

    I’m gonna go home and reserve one!

  • ad19

    Any one tried to reserve one from Bell?

  • eric

    Got mine reserved. 🙂

  • screamer

    The price will be 749 $ for the phone.lucky didn’t reserve one.

    • hoo dat

      You seem to have insight into this phone that phone at RIM don’t even seem to have. $749? How did you magically come up with that number then? If that figure was stated by RIM, you posting a link to where they said it would be most appreciated. Personally, I think you’re talking out of your butt.

    • hoo dat

      You seem to have insight into this phone that people at RIM don’t even seem to have. $749? How did you magically come up with that number then? If that figure was stated by RIM, you posting a link to where they said it would be most appreciated. Personally, I think you’re talking out of your butt.

  • Benz

    Common Telus! Jump on board!!

  • David

    Rogers reservation system is a joke. It is not designed to get you your device sooner, it is designed to keep you from calling in to try to order the phone or going into stores asking all the time. Love how my 920 came weeks after it was already released to stores.

    • BD

      @David – You are partially correct about the Rogers reservation system. I too have reserved the Lumia 920 and was number #4 on the list. Received mine on October 31st. No hassles. Everyone else waited because they were on the lower ranking of the list..maybe #10+

  • Jv

    Lol the writers on this site dont srrm to know or understand the meaning of “scarce”… Idiots

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Jv does not know how to spell or use spell check.

      -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trolls.

  • josh

    tell me why the hell i’d put money down on a phone I know absolutely NOTHING about at the moment?! come on now……

    • skullan

      You’re assuming they mean to have it so people can jump on board now.

      There are different reasons for this page.

      1. Gauge the desire of RIM products and supply appropriately.

      2. They are getting the page out there now, to work out the kinks for when there is a large demand (and there will likely be one for current business accounts).

  • Jv


  • Dan

    I hope Fido gets on board as well. I don’t want buy it outright… but most likely I will have to pick one up on Kijiji.

  • Shaggyskunk

    It’s refreshing to see, that many of the comments are positive and in support of a great Canadian Co!

  • Matt

    I played with one of these things, gesture based navigation is pretty cool but it was painfully cumbersome.

    • hoo dat

      It’s actually its ease of use that normally RIM-toxic publications such as TechVibes singing its praises, there are hundreds – literally – of positive write ups out there from people and publications who normally wouldn’t give RIM the time of day. Add into that a myriad of analysts who have changed their tune recently after having the OS demonstrated to them and I’d have to say that you’re in a very small minority. I’ve played with both Dev Alpha units and been to a corporate demonstration on the full OS and I found it smooth, intuative and game changing.

  • Nick

    Reserved! Wooohoo! #38.

  • Alex

    Reserving without knowing what the device will be?

    • Nick

      There are very obvious loyal Blackberry customers that would jump at the chance to pre-order a device we know SOME things about, but very little. Why not take the opportunity to capitalize on the buzz between now and January 30th? I don’t think its stupid for them to pre-order now. If you don’t want to pre-order, than don’t. If you do, then do! Simple enough.

    • hoo dat

      How many people committed to the Nexus4 without knowing anything about it? Heck, you have people announcing their un-dying love for Nexus5 without even knowing a single thing about it. I’ve even read people HERE talking about Nexus6 already! And yet you call out people who know at least a little something about the phone they’re buying for pre-ordering it?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get your hopes up too high everyone. The hardware may not live up to the specs you’ve all been reading about. I say this with certainty.

    • menodumb

      ” May not live up to the specs ”
      ” I say this with certainty ”

      Kind of an oxymoron no ?

    • hoo dat

      So spill. If your news is truly that groundbreaking then tell us all. I just so happen to do business with the comany that’s building RIM’s hardware this time around, you MUST know who they are with this kind of “certain” knowledge, right? I also just so happen to know that they’re extremely happy with how the preproduction has gone and are anticipating no problems with launch based on early full production runs. In fact, they were so pleased how things went they blabbed on Twitter when they weren’t supposed to.

      So, what is it you know with this “certainty” of yours? I’m guessing it’s absolutely nothing but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. For now.


    reserved online

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), Jack

    RIM at $13.90

    • Hilman

      Down 1%, RIM’s hail Mary is going to fail.

  • Dimitri K


    The reservation system is not great BUT if you are within the first 100, most likely you will get it a week or so after the launch.

  • Anonymous


    “May” being it depends on what you’ve read on the net. Your comprehension skills seem to be lacking. There are many reports of this device packing a Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM and LTE. You’ll be surprised to see what the final hardware really holds.

    • Schoolteacher

      There is no indication that this is the Aristo. Where are your many reports of the device packing that sort of hardware?

      Thought so.

    • Anonymous


      wth are you on about? This is not the Aristo, it’s the London. Google the device for yourself and see what sites are reporting the specs to be. I’m not about to do that for you.

      Fact of the matter is, it is likely none of you have ever used a final hardware build. I have and am just saying, don’t get your hopes set too high. And before anyone tries to come back and say that the device isn’t released yet, how can you have used a final build…yadda yadda…Devices don’t just magically get final designs approved a day before they go into manufacturing. It takes months of prep time. Use some common sense before making uninformed statements like that.

  • sp

    number 95 on the wait list for Rogers!!! booyah!!!


  • dmartin

    I’m number 90. Really looking forward to getting my hands on this device.

  • Scarneck

    Number 47 can’t wait lol

  • Plazmic Flame

    My body is ready!!! So I my wallet 😉

  • Russ

    With all of the blunders, devices that were technologically behind before even being released, and a counter-intuitive operating system, it’s hard to believe that this is going to be the saving grace of RIM. I hope that it is.

  • Greek

    Rogers reservation system is brutal. Good luck getting the device within 2 weeks after launch. Best bet for getting a device on launch or soon after is by checking in store.

  • jess

    Im number 386 🙂

  • arcsvibe

    In the spirit of competition I hope RIM does well! Not a BB fan but a fan of fair competition 🙂

  • John Vriniotis

    Position : 843
    wow 🙁