BlackBerry Z10 name pops up in retailers inventory system, shows both black and white models


  • Wayne Simmons

    Honestly, who cares


    • ./nachos -x ../halt.c

      If they spent more time actually working on their product and less time changing the names of the non-existent devices the company MAY be less of a joke.

      COME! Let us dance and celebrate the short and pathetic life of Research in Motion! Commence the Danse Macabre!

    • STILL NO DATE!!!!

      For the life of them, they are unable to provide a DATE that someone can walk into the store and give money and in return receive a BB10 phone. Hilarious.

    • RIP RIM


    • RIP RIM

      Wow, RIM PR is up early with their thumbs down haha

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Ummmm , the date posted is Jan 30 / 2013 for release soooooo what part of this date of release dont you understand ???? lmao

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      @RIP RIM, I will thumb up you in person!

      -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trolls.

  • Steve Dion

    Proper name cause should this not work out for RIM there are no more letters after Z. Last chance for them. I am gonna get the N series (BB10 with KB). Come on guys show some Canadian support!

    • Justin T

      Yah, show some Canadian support!!!

      GO RIM GO
      GO OPP GO


  • DigitalHomeBoy

    If you don’t care that much than why are you commenting? Troll, move along and stop being such a daft prick!

  • DigitalHomeBoy

    @./nachos -x ../halt.c – wow, you really must be real i***t to make such a comment like that. There isn’t a name change as the final product has yet to be announced. The L-Series and N-Series now being called Z10 and possibly X10 respectively were internal working names and only became public through leaked internal documents.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    If google can price the nexus 4 at a very reasonable price , I sure hope RIM makes the BB10 price reasonable 😉

    • EvanKr

      Keep in mind the Google has become one of the largest companies on earth, valued at multi billions of dollars, many more than RIM. Google can afford to subsidize the cost of the phone, chances are that RIM doesn’t have those resources.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that was a screenshot of their new stuff for the first couple of seconds. Didn’t surprise me at all.

  • Jeff Rucchin

    rim hopefully will do well i don’t see alot of people not wanting a secure device with all the personal information people need to protect these days.

  • T1MB0T

    Wind is saying that BB10 is not coming. something about no money and being for sale! looooooooooooosea!

  • Tom@Bell

    LOL all the people who bash on RIM are actually just not very smart. Forget the devices and launch dates, if you pay attention to what the company has ACTUALLY done (cost cutting, restructuring, financial management and consultation done by power firms) you wouldnt be so quick to write them off. With close to 3 billion in the bank, commitment from major government agencies, a secure operating system with apparently alot to offer in terms of apps and then the most important part: amazing support and cooperation with developers.

    Im not saying this is an Apple killer, im saying that the stagnant Android/iOS dominated market is going to become quite lively. WP8 has a chance but theyre in the same app problem as RIM was and currently is.

    All the iOS fanboys and Android butt-plugs just refuse to acknowledge that there are good operating systems outside their platform. As a salesman, its pretty easy to see the benefits and flaws of all operating systems but you people have to open you minds.

    Im rooting for RIM and if the reviews are positive and the phone suits my needs. Having gone from a 9900 to an Android superphone I can objectively say that there are things that Android and iOS dont do as well or dont do altogether as what my 9900 could do. Im not talking about apps and fun, im talking sheer usability. Finding apps, referencing, contacts, searching….i miss BB for all that important stuff.

    • D

      I like everyone else used to have a BB and switched to an android… In all honestly i hope BB10 is awesome because i can’t wait to switch back.

  • trytofa

    To all the RIM employees who post and reply here:

    I feel sorry for u.

  • menodumb

    IROC Z would have been perfect .Good luck RIM

  • Dave

    Oh, the name “Z10” shows up in retailer databases AFTER “Z10” is rumored to be the name of the new BB device? Amazing. That’s some real proof you got there.