HTC 8X “Portico” update rolling out to Rogers customers “immediately,” Bell to come later


  • Xi xi

    “Upgrade”, “update”, or bugfix. Which is it

    • vengefulspirit99

      all 3? They are recieveing a upgrade to their device which applies an update to the phone to fix bugs.

  • landragon

    Best feature is the wifi on under lock screen

  • gilly

    Downloaded the update last night. Took about 10 minutes to complete. So far so good. Wi-Fi connection is great. SMS drafts are a bonus. The battery life seems to be better since the upgrade as well.

  • DonSod

    I’ve got an unlocked 8x I got from eBay – currently on Koodo. If I put the Rogers sim from my son’s phone in, do you guys think it may give me the update?

  • TCK

    Hey Rogers,

    What about bringing the YELLOW Lumia 920 in?
    We’ve been waiting long enough now and your boring black is getting old. You really screw-up on this one.

    Also, moderating posts (that is not posting) on the REDBOARD because you’re sick and tired of being told to bring the colors for the 920 does nothing good except force people to post elsewhere and let the community know you don’t post comments you don’t want to hear about.

  • Martin

    Still waiting for Portico update on Bell, January 10…

    Just had my first random reboot (unless it happened before when not having the 8X in sight).

    Would really appreciate the battery usage optimization…

  • Martin

    Any feedback from Bell? Still waiting on January 24, more than a month after Rogers got it.

    Got a few random reboots in the last couple weeks, very much awaiting for this…

    • Francois

      just talk to Bell and the send me back to HTC. Then talk to HTC and they send me back to Bell. I’m about to call Microsoft. This is ridiculous. Way over 1 month after everyone.

    • blackkey

      Same here man, with the random reboots. I’m also getting some sim card errors…?
      Seriously though, I was minutes away from calling bell until I saw your post. They’d better update soon. Keep me updated if you get a date or the update itself…

  • Martin

    Got It! Portico on HTC 8X at Bell