Fido releases the Galaxy S III


  • kenypowa

    $400 on a two year contract? Robbers surely earns its reputation.

    • Eluder

      Same price as Koodoo, so not sure what the complaints are about.

    • NoDATE

      The complain is/are about lack of comptetition in Canada.

      All the Big 3 release their infamous “$73 plans” right after releasing a $70 ARPU forecast for the next Q.

      Then Koodo/Fido get into the “100 pennie-ring fight” Lowering their plans by ONE dollar per turn, two turns and then the “battle was over”

      Meantime LG can’t make enough N4s!
      Last week LG admited that they have made enough Optimus G for their distribution channels (the phone with ICS is not selling well) and has decidd to convert all the production lines for the optimus to N4-lines but production won’t start until next week, even if they were to make one million per week (too optimistic) it would take months to catch up with demand.
      Every single market where the N4 has been released has Zero stock.

      In the meantime Samsung could drop the price of the S3 (they have sold over 30 million units at full price by now) so they will wait for the holidays to be over and drop the price by end of January, just on time to compete with the N4. Expect the S3 to drop to $350 (same as the N4 but with SD card)

    • COBwiggy

      @Eluder, the problem is that on Koodo it is a tab, on Fido it is a 2 year contract…

    • Brian

      Samsung won’t reduce the S3 to $350, dream on. LG gets the benefit of having a subsidy from Google on the Nexus 4, the S3 doesn’t.

    • 45

      Do any companies offer it for cheaper on a 2YR?

  • James

    Might as well pay the $550 n get it outright..stupid selling tactics by fido!

    • NoDATE

      ..Might as well get it used for $350!

    • Fido Rep

      Actually with a new act you get a 50$ rebate in store which make it 350$.

  • captaincarot

    Come on, the $56 plan on FIDO is already killing Rogers and the big 3 overall, add in the chance at the S3 at any price discounted, it is going to just take more of a chunk out of them. But they had to match Koodo somehow.

  • E

    People here used to complain about plans, then the 56$ plan was released wich is amazing. People used to complain about 3yrs contracts, now Fido’s phone are ALL maximum 2yrs except the iPhones. People used to comlain about the shitty phones Fido has, now Fido has the Razrhd and lastly the S3. So now people complain about the pricing -_-. If you’re not happy about the 150$ subsidy, don’t take it and buy it like a dumb boy for 550$ at no contract and take the exact same plan you could’ve took with the 2yrs contract.

    • Eduardo

      Videotron is offering it for $49 and you can get the same 6Gigs at $54, on a 3 year plan though… but if Videotron can do it, I don’t see why Fido can’t; I would take 3 years instead of 2 for an almost $400 difference ($350 + $2 a month) any day.

    • johnson ng

      $550 outright, $400 with 2 years contract. That leave $150 for economic inducement.
      so if you cancel anything within the 2 years, your fee is only $150/24 then times how many months you have left in your contract PLUS $12.50.

      or you can go to wind, pay $40 a month, get the phone for $199 (new deal) and be stuck with them for 3 years.

      I’d rather take the Fido as Wind’s tab program is a joke at 10% of your monthly fee.

    • Falco

      Right on. And having been with Fido for 7 yrs, their service and coverage is the best. If we want cheaper plans and only 2 yr contracts, then expect to pay more for better phones. Seems reasonable.

  • Eluder

    @NoDATE, you do realize the N4 is being subsidized by Google right? If it wasn’t, I doubt it would be doing nearly as well. It’s a fantastic phone, however, it is the subsidized price point that is making it sell so exceptionally well.
    Look at T-Mo in the US, they’re outright price for the N4 is $500.

    • COBwiggy

      It isn’t being subsidized, it doesn’t cost them 359 to make a phone, they just aren’t taking a huge profit margin, because they know they will make the money back other ways (such as Google Books)

  • JP

    OMG! Hi S3!!! Welcome to Fido!!

  • skazzers

    What’s sad is that in the USA, you can get this phone for $50 on a 2 year contract. 2 years is great turn around time to go back into the market and get a new phone for cheap again with another contract. In Canada, by the time your 3 year contract is done… your phone is considered to be a dinasaur already.

    • cheenachatze

      You pay AT&T $200 for this phone on a two years contract, and $85/month for unlimited talk, text and only 1GB data. Your total cost is $2240. The Fido deal, $400 for the phone, $56 with 2GB data, totals $1744. Fido offers a very decent deal here. I used AT&T in this comparison because they offer LTE service, like Fido. T-Mobile, while cheaper, does not offer LTE.

  • NienorGT

    When I think I paid $360 for my Nexus 4, contract-less, you know how much Google just ridiculed the carrier contract system…

  • jc

    The two-year price and subsidy of $150 is a joke. If you look at Fido’s other phones, there is a $250-$350 subsidy for two year plans. Then the RAZR HD has an incredible $525 subsidy over the same time period. Seems more sensible to go with the RAZR.

  • Big 3

    Man…google “thunder bay bell canada”, go to that bell canada site that pops up(make sure province is set to Ontario). They have the best smartphone plan there in Canada. If you own a phone(like an S3), you can get that smartphone plan for $45/month(10% off for briging your own device) or a 3-year contract at $50/month

  • slipper

    $400 on select plans? I don’t understand how the RAZR HD, a phone on par with the S3 is $50 with those same plans or $400 with your choice of any plans! Add to that, the Nexus 4 is cheaper to buy outright than this on a 2 year contract.

    I guess it shows how strong the Galaxy S brand has become. I really don’t want this industry to become Samsung vs. Apple, but these seem to be the only OEMs that average consumers trust.

    • jack

      this isnt about samsung, its about how stupid fido is

  • YSM

    sigh!!! why do these companies piss on us so badly for?

  • Why

    Now they just need to release the Note 2.

  • real deal

    hey people wake the up. You can’t have everything.
    2 year contract, free phone, unl data, etc. Go with win, mobilicity, public because they have wht you need and stop posting about the big if they are so bad.

    • Ricky

      tell canada to wake the f**k up, we need more competition.
      have you been to asia? $0 superphones on 18 months contracts, their plans are only $30CAD with unlimited talk/text/data

    • liljohnny

      Ricky, are you really comparing pricing in Canada with Asia. You clearly have no idea about business, economics, population and the hundreds of other reasons why this makes no sense. Best thing to do is put your phone down for a while and pick up a few books.

    • ckizzle

      liljohnny you obviously come from a rich family if you were an immigrant from places say hong kong you would be pissed at the prices they offer in canada 100 dollars for 5 gbs only what the hell in hong kong you can get 5gb with talk and text for 15 dollars canadian if they can do it in asia why not in north america

  • jack

    everyone this is the company who thinks offering a 67$ plan (for 3 yr contract customers) that is the exact same as the $56 is logical.

    their reasoning? oh the iphone (right now the iphone is the only phone on fido that requires 3 yr) costs more subsidy so we have to charge the customers more for the EXACT same plan.

    apparently it takes an extra year + $10 more a month to cover fido’s subsidy for an iphone. so the extra money u are paying over 3 yrs for an phone? 67 * 12 (extra yr) + 240 (24 months of 10$ more a month) = 1044$, ya fido really believable there. the extra money is more than the phone is even worth.

  • SamsungS3 fido

    STOP F. Complainning. go with the comp u feel is good for u pocket.
    400$ 2y contract is not a lot. when u see that sub is 150$
    on tab it will cost more if u think well and do ur math.
    Plus Telus Rogers Bell are offering the phone on 3y agr only and full price is 100$ more than fido..

  • rogue17

    @ Eduardo.

    There is no way Videotron offers 6Gigs at $54

    There best plan is Infinite Quebec unlimited talk and text in Quebec with 1 Gig. No caller ID or voice mail. It costs $55.95 for 3 years than the price goes up to their regular price which they now conveniently do not show on their site. Videotron is MUCH,MUCH WORSE than the Big 3!!

    I would rather go with Fido buy the phone at $400. Canada Wide unlimited talk and text,Caller ID and Voicemail and 2 Gigs

    Videotron can not compete with that.

    • Eduardo

      www . videotron . com/residential/mobile/mobile-plans/unlimited-evenings-and-weekends/evenings-weekends-plus-6gb

      Unlimited local calls, Evenings, from 6 p.m. Weekends, from 6 p.m. Friday until 7 a.m. Monday; 100 to 600 daytime minutes as needed; Call Display; Voicemail; 6 GB mobile data add-on; Unlimited text, photo and video messages; Unlimited incoming text, photo and video messages; Call Waiting; Conference Calling

      Like some others have said, go with the company that fits you

    • Eduardo

      Ok, Fido includes unlimited minutes… to me that is completely irrelevant before 6pm; so, yes, I missed that part. But I don’t see anything about caller ID and voicemail

  • rogue17

    And Fido has 2 year contract as opposed to Videotron’s 3 year contract.

  • Chris

    It looks like any customer smart enough to wait for the Nexus 4 will be better off buying from google.

  • OGOD

    Boxing week for Mobi, S3 is $499 no contract….
    y sign a 2yrs and pay $400?…-___-“

  • Mike

    once again…another Ripp Off from Rogers. oOo

  • Bumbles

    Like someone mentioned in the comments section of one of the previous stories about Fido releasing the S3. Give it a week or 2 and Fido with offer the S3 for $50 on a 2 year. The Razr HD started out at $400 on a 2 year, then a week or so later they dropped it to $50 on a 2 year. This $400 price tag is just to catch people who make knee-jerk decisions and can afford $400 for a new phone.

    At the latest, by the first week of January there will be a price drop. Mark my words.

  • Bumbles

    And when that price drop happens, I’ll pick up an S3 then, and keep it for 6 months or so and then sell it for $300 and buy the Galaxy S4 outright after it’s first price drop. 🙂

  • rogue17

    @ Eduardo.

    Unlimited talk and text CANADA WIDE. So I am not limited to Montreal or Quebec. It does include Caller ID and Voicemail. It is called the Value pack. And only 2 year contract for $56

  • rogue17

    @ Eduardo

    But like you said.It all depends on your needsIn my case for me data is not a big thing so 2Gigs with unlimited Canada Wide is better. Other prefer 6Gigs and other calling plans.

  • Mike

    Way better Deal at Koodo Mobile, cause koodo is giving out a free $100 gift card, and with Koodo you could have your tab paid out in 1.5 Months as oppose to Fido’s 3 year contracts.

  • ckizzle

    i don’t understand anyone that would buy the the S3 for $400 on a 2 year term when the RAZR HD is $50 for similar specs and better build quality.

  • john

    Fido contracts aren’t even really a contract. They work exactly like Koodo, except better. On a 2yr contract with Fido you get your phone for free (if it’s eligible). If you break your contract all you have to pay is the remainder of the phone, no cancellation fees. The phone’s value depreciates equally over the 2 years. You also get Fido dollars which you can put toward a phone. Overall Fido has the best offers of the big 3 and their subsidies.

  • Eray

    fido dropped price of galaxy s3 to 250$ on 2yr contrat ! in koodo it’s now 350$ on tab 🙂