ZTE Grand S leaked before CES debut, promises to be world’s thinnest 1080p smartphone


  • Michael

    Hopefully the thinnest smart phone doesn’t come with the smallest battery too.

  • Kid.Canada

    Better not be priced too high, $400-$500 would be a good price point.

  • jess

    looks perty

  • EvanKr

    “FHD”? Seriously? Where are they getting these marketing terms from?

    • Brian

      It stands for Full HD, which means it’s 1080p. No marketing from what I’m seeing.

    • EvanKr


      I read the article, I’m just saying that they keep coming up with these terms, I’ve never heard 1080p referred to as “FHD”.

  • George

    I would forgo thinness any day, if I can get a better battery life in return. I think that most people would wholeheartedly agree. Are you listening, OEMs?

    Happy Festivus, everybody!


    • Frank

      Today’s Festivus eve, get your holidays right, George! I think you can guess who’ll be doing the feats of strength this year!

  • george

    Will Public launch it in January?

  • Mobilesyrup ADMIN

    big battery and removable + sd card on a 1080p phone. First one to come out with that gets my money!

  • Mobilesyrup addict

    just change my name from admin to addict

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • Anty

      I wonder what goes through the minds of people, whose only contribution to an article is an old and tired “RIP RIM”.

      I bet that they think that they are tremendously clever, and even edgy, to a certain degree! Trolling is a art.

      Well, let us not tell them how we shake our heads, and think of them as “me-too” tools once we read their so-called “comments”. They are people too, after all, and everyone deserves a voice, even those who have nothing at all to contribute.

      Godspeed, you basement dwellers! Keep spreading the gospel!

      As for the rest of us, you know, the people who have matured, and have gained independence many years ago, enjoy your Holidays, and stay safe!

      – Anty


  • screamer

    Is that a big deal? How many phones support 1080p ? So what about it’s 1 inch ? Still the thinnest phone on the market?

    • tiesto

      AFAIK, only one: HTC J Butterfly (Droid DNA). There’s also the rumored Sony Xperia Z and this Grand S.

      Don’t mix up shooting 1080p (which most new phones do nowadays) and displaying 1080p.

    • mauricio

      lots of 1080p were announced already in asia, look for the oppo find 5, that’s the one that impressed me the most so far

  • CRTC

    This phone will come freshly injected with chinese government malware.

    A friendly warning from your pals at the CRTC

    **this message was sponsered by the big 3**

  • Henaway

    1080p screen … and STILL only 4 icons wide. Okay, 5 at the bottom, but still. Just going to make apps that aren’t optimized for 1080p look like crap as they upscale. 1080p without a stylus at that size? Nah. I’ll pass. My finger is too blunt to be accurate at that PPI.

    • asdf

      @Henaway I don’t even understand what you’re trying to get at here. Having a resolution of 1080p does not affect how many icons fit across the screen. Developers will upgrade apps to support 1080p displays as more phones with them are released. And 1080p doesn’t measure size lol. The screen is 5″, .2″ bigger than the S3. You don’t need a stylus…

  • ismail

    beter for second class people

    • Muham-Mad

      Are you talking about the Musulman, Ismail?

  • Dave

    As a bonus, there is a spy app permanently included in your firmwares. LOL

  • Jordan

    I actually think it looks really nice, like a gnex but with a better shape, more reminiscent of the HD2.. Always loved the size and feel of that phone.

  • bababooey

    if its not BB10 than its GARBAGE ! rest in pi$$ android and ios 🙂

  • pathetic

    You’re all pathetic, like drug addicts, feverishly posting about every new crapdroid that comes out from every anonymous and generic brand out there. Get a hold of your lives, step out of the basement and the office, and go outside and enjoy your life for once.

    Screw all these hundreds of crapdroids coming out every day.

    • Thomas

      You need to get laid, buddy. So much hostility during the holiday season. Lonely, aren’t you?


  • DR

    It’s WEIBO, not “weboi”….. Not very many Chinese people know french….

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    nice, no glass plates on the back side.