Videotron “Mobile usage” app for Android released


  • iphoneeee

    that no iOS

    • cybik

      No, it’s better.

  • dave

    On Wind.

    Nice not to need such an app.

  • Aidolon

    I personally like and use 3G Watchdog on my S3, but it’s nice to see a Canadian carrier developing useful standalone apps for Android.

    Note to Telus – stop wasting your time foisting crap like your “App House” on us, and more time developing useful optional content like this.

    • Hilman

      The TELUS My Account app is pretty good now, all it needs is a widget.

  • Brutux

    Great app !

    No settings to configure. It detects automatically the data plan that you have in their system.

  • PewZ

    years behind Rogers though

    • David

      Yea but with Rogers you can’t have a voice/sms/6go data plan for 45$/month.