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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) getting KitKat update soon

Users of the excellent Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) may not have to wait much longer for their KitKat update. SamMobile reports that South American users have already begun receiving the long-awaited software bump, with more countries slated to receive it in the coming weeks. There’s no word on when North Americans will get


Yahoo releases overhauled Flickr app for Android and iOS

You’d be forgiven for thinking Marissa Mayer hasn’t taken Android as seriously as iOS since becoming CEO of Yahoo. The company has released many crucial updates for its most popular apps in recent months, including theĀ iOS-only News Digest, and Android has often been left by the wayside. It looks like the situation is beginning to


Rogers launches 700Mhz service in parts of Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto

They may not be first, but Rogers’ rollout of its new Band 17 700Mhz spectrum promises to be Canada’s largest. The company announced today that it has flipped the switch on 700Mhz connectivity in parts of Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, with other regions to quickly follow in the coming months. Rogers calls its 6+6Mhz Block


Chrome Remote Desktop app hits Android, coming to iOS later this year

Google has unleashed its Chrome Remote Desktop app on (un)suspecting Android users today, allowing smartphone and tablet lovers to control those old hunks of metal and plastic called computers. For the few remaining Luddites using laptops or *gasp* desktops, Remote Desktop works with a Chrome extension and subsequent Host app on Windows or OS X


OnePlus One will debut in Canada for $399 USD

Looking forward to the endlessly-teased OnePlus One smartphone, set to be announced April 23rd? So are we. The OnePlus One will sport a customized version of CyanogenMOD 11 with Android 4.4.2, which will likely get updated nearly as quickly as the latest Nexus devices. In fact, the OnePlus One is aiming its sights directly on


Project Ara gets January 2015 street date as developer conference kicks off

Google’s ATAP contingent, retained during the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, has been producing some wondrous things these past few months. And “months” is the key word here, because the team has been working very, very quickly. In addition to Project Tango, which purports to combine a number of cameras and sensors on a standard