Bell gains 91,000 new wireless customers in Q4 2015, promises high-speed LTE for all Canadians


  • cartfan88

    Well might as well increase the plans by $5 a month.

  • Scott

    Bell, please stop expanding LTE and making us pay through the nose for it. I’m happy with HSPA and reasonable prices for data!

    • vn33

      “reasonable prices” is not in the Robellus’ dictionary .. sorry!

    • Robobotic

      Regardless of peak speed, LTE users have less access failures, lower latency, and better speeds in poor conditions. Cost is a separate issue…

  • Ricky Bobby

    We gotta feel for Bell. Because of the economy and low canadian dollar they’re going through some tough times

    • Jason

      if they weren’t recording record profits I would agree with you

  • St. Misery

    You don’t get that network quality, coverage, and continuous improvement without paying for it somehow. Price increases are no fun for end users but neither are dead zones and dropped calls. Just ask a Wind customer.

    • CheeseAvatar

      I think the issue is that for a lot of people we dont care about get 50mbs download on our phone with a data cap of 1-2gb.

      We would rather pay less and have something like 5-10mbs download with a larger cap.

      Whats the point of 1-2gb if i can go though it in 5 seconds

  • Crossed

    Scum bag Bell:
    496 million in profit
    Lays off 380 people

  • Hello Moto

    If Bell, Rogers, and Telus all gained thousands of customers this past quarter, then who is losing those customers?

    • manpreet singh

      Regional carriers

    • hoo dat

      Rogers picked up an extra 22 subs when they bought Mobilicity. (I patiently await the ensuing wrath of The Mobies).

    • Stephen B Morris


    • Robobotic

      Each other (churn), new Canadians, and the few people that didn’t have wireless service.

  • G.P.

    Your title is mis leading. No there will not be coverage for all Canadians. The postal code of P0M 2W0 in northern Ontario (west of lake nipissing) smack in the middle between Sudbury & North Bay has 0% coverage. You have to drive to Noelville or drive to Hagar for coverage (10/15 mins drive). Rogers has coverage but not Bell. This has always been a dead zone for Bell.

    • Adil Butt

      Nowhere did it say “all”, guess that place is apart of the 2%.

    • frenchsteve

      Send in a complaint through the *TELUS Network Experience (TNE) application – a free and easy-to-use mobile app, which gives customers the opportunity to provide real time, on-the-go feedback about wireless service on the TELUS network* – Both Bell and Telus share network towers.

  • Ipse

    ARPU up 4.4% and the F word immediately comes to mind.

  • Mike Scott

    The only reason I can really see why thes eguys are going for speed is s they can.. one day.. offer home internet over the cell network.. these speeds are unnecessary for 75% of the canadian population

  • Andre Marion

    MobileSyrup: What is the current customer breakdown share of the carriers for all Canadians? Is there anyway to see what the big 3 shares are and the sub-brands as well (Fido, Koodo, Virgin, Wind, etc…)?