Montreal cabbies inconvenience travellers by protesting Uber at Trudeau Airport


  • Jim Strong

    So tiring. Provide comparative fares. Clean up your cars. Be friendly.

    • Tech Guru

      Damn it Jim they’re cabbies not rocket surgeons!

    • opinionedone

      how Barbaric!….lol

    • marshallpower

      I don’t use cabs anymore but they have to pay up to 200 000$ for their license, people don’t seem to know about this and I never see it written on this website, no wonder they are not happy.

    • Jason

      True few people know this but at the same time they are in an industry that is unwilling to change. Other cities and provinces have embraced Uber with new insurance brackets and regulations but even in those areas taxis remain unchanged.

    • Marc Palumbo

      This is like Blockbuster complaining about Netflix. Guess what happens to the value of their business if they are unwilling to change?

    • danbob333

      Blockbuster isn’t forced to buy licenses.

    • Marc Palumbo

      They were forced to do other things that cost them more money.

    • Mr_Smoosh

      Yep, like rent building space, hydro, employees, etc

    • MassDeduction

      Agreed. Uber should offer to leave a city if a sufficient percentage of cab operators agree to licence their technology! I prefer Uber for its technology, and there’s no reason that couldn’t be wedded to a traditional taxi service.

    • HiKsFiles

      So you’re telling us that it’s OK to pay more for a service of inferior quality (smelly & dirty cars, unpleasant drivers, etc…) just because they had to pay for an overpriced licence in the first place?

      Sorry, I don’t buy it!

    • jayzon12

      No they are saying that they would like the playing field to be fair. If Uber was required to pay all the fees they do the price would have to be closer. Or the government can stop charging them all the fees associated with being a cab driver and they could lower their prices.

    • Nadefrenzy

      I think then their beef is with the govt, and they should be storming the govt offices and buildings, instead of harassing another company and/or its employees.

    • thomas nguyen

      or their own clients… we don’t want our competitor to have an advantage so we will protest and force our client to use alternative mode of transportation while we form a cab line in front of the airport.

    • wes

      The issue is that the government requires them to have a taxi license, which costs over 150,000. But they don’t require Uber to do the same while they provide the same services. If they didn’t have to pay those licensing fees they could perhaps charge much less and invest more money into their own business. Hence it not being fair. On the one hand the government requires taxi drivers to have such expensive fees, yet they aren’t doing anything to regulate Uber drivers.

    • HiKsFiles

      Correction : the government doesn’t have anything to do with the price of the licence!

      When licences were first attributed by the governement, they cost something like 5000$. Taxi drivers then sold them to other taxi drivers adding market value to it and now, that market value has dropped.

      Taxi drivers are mad because they bet their retirement on the value of their licence… which was a bad bet in the first place.

      That’s what the problem is all about… and the fact that taxi drivers actually “own” their licence instead of “renting” it.

    • Mike Scott

      Just like any other business.. if I create a business and invest my own money and someone else comes to town.. I compete not complain. All these guys know what to do is complain.

    • Jesus McDongswoggle

      Welcome to Canada where we legislate choice away from people.

  • Jason

    I wonder what taxi drivers will think when in 15-20 years self driving cars take over

    • Marc Palumbo

      That’s why those licenses are high now. This is the best time to sell those licenses and find something else to do.

    • Jesus McDongswoggle

      “find something else to do” working is a right not a privilege! How dare anyone take my livelihood away from me! It’s everyone else’s fault I chose to make a living doing something that’s becomming obsolete…

    • FlamesFan89

      Uh oh, you forgot your sarcasm tag. Prepare to feel the hate.

    • Marc Palumbo

      I understood right away lol…

      All jokes aside, our socialist government has gotten out of hand from almost every level. Has anyone ever seen gas prices in Montreal? They’re the highest in the country. I believe we’re taxed near 20%. We have the highest sales tax. We have the highest income taxes.

      I can’t believe anymore that all of the money I earn and spend goes to stupidities like this. Now I’m getting angry in a MobileSyrup article.

    • opinionedone

      Jon the club…Soon it will be the Media with no sales for news papers …. oh no look out , all those paper carriers will storm City hall and demand change and force everyone to abandon the Web!!! Screw off!

    • Marc Palumbo

      Yep… Media is regulated too.

  • Mo Dabbas

    What are they protesting about?? Uber is ILLIGAL in Montreal as we speak. The mayor declared it’s illegal. If one is caught giving a ride with uber his/her car gets confiscated until a court session, and those drivers get a fine on top of that. What do they need more from the government?? They’re not gonna make an uber patrol when there are more serious crimes going on.

    • Marc Palumbo

      As I get older in life, I become less and less socialistic. It just doesn’t make sense to regulate everything. At the end of the day, each business is responsible for it’s own success, but the same goes for failure. Businesses cannot run to the government once they find our their current business model is old and requires change. Aiii, what a mess this stupidity is…

    • Harold Mitchell

      Welcome to the world of entitlement.

  • danbob333

    Honestly the airport shouldn’t have gouged the taxi drivers 2.5M$ to begin with.

  • The Weekday

    Come on cabbies you didn’t really think it would last forever did you ?

  • Alain Lafond

    One other nice day for Uber monkeys…
    Why don’t you talk about inconvenience of Uber service… Fare modulation!!! Underpaid drivers. No taxes paid to our money starve government.
    Anyway, is this a tech news?

    • HiKsFiles

      Do you ever comment on anything else than Uber ?!
      I mean, get a life … and get back to your taxi ! 😉