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Facebook testing Material Design, SMS and multi-account support in new Messenger builds

Facebook Messenger Video Calling

Facebook has been playing with its Messenger app for Android, giving it elements of Material Design and a number of new experimental features, according to pictures received by Android Police.

The company, which is well-known for its A/B testing, has been pushing out a new Material Design interface to some users, giving them a blue navigation bar (on devices running Lollipop and above) and a Floating Action Button (FAB) to replace the bottom tab.

While the Material redesign is likely a sure bet, Facebook is also working on adding a couple more features that may not stand the test of time.

After adding and subsequently removing SMS support in the app, it appears that Facebook may be adding it back, again. New builds of Facebook Messenger have been showing texting support for some users, though it’s unclear whether there are new features this time around.

Facebook is also experimenting with multiple account support in Messenger, though it’s unclear how helpful that will be for the average person. But as Messenger becomes more business-focused, customer service representatives using their own devices will be able to easily switch between personal and work accounts without using separate apps.

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