Samsung patent filing suggests S Pen could soon double as a phone stand

Note 5

Just because a company files for and is granted a patent, doesn’t mean that it will be integrated into future generations of a product. But here’s one that is both obvious and foreseeable, as Samsung attempts to find ways to differentiate upcoming versions of the S Pen, a mainstay of its Note smartphone lineup.

According to Patently Mobile, Samsung filed a patent that, if granted, would allow the S Pen to function as a phone stand, either by employing a particular shape that, partially removed, would hold the phone at a comfortable angle for viewing, or, more likely, a hinge in the Pen that would allow it to bend in order to accommodate the weight of the phone.

samsungspenpatent1 samsungspenpatent2

According to the filing, the stylus could be configured to lock into place, ensuring a certain level of stability when the phone is in “viewing” mode.

Certainly a minor feature, should Samsung be granted the patent it is unclear whether it will find its way into future versions of the Galaxy Note.

Last year, Samsung found itself in hot water after customers who inserted the S Pen backwards found themselves with partially-broken devices.

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