Samsung patent filing suggests S Pen could soon double as a phone stand


  • Roger

    Love the idea. I hope they implement this in the next Note, and make sure it doesn’t feel flimsy.

  • Maxei

    Silly idea. There are more elegant ways to do that. If you really need a stand, why not buy one made for that purpose?

    On the other hand, I will give Samsung a free idea on what to do with the S pen: a device for multiple purposes, for example, that can be used to record voice into the phone, just as good as taking notes; or recording conversations while talking to people; I that the owner could give voice orders to the phone through the pen, such as calling someone, all while the phone stays in your pants’ pocket, whereas the pen stays in your shirt’s pocket, as you would do with a normal pen.
    You’re welcome, Samsung.

    • TP

      That requires quite significant change, with the following added:
      1. microphone
      2. on-board memory (or bluetooth circuit so phone can record the audio sent by the pen)
      3. battery
      4. Power management circuit as well as charging circuit
      5. Assuming the user doesn’t want to have to take out S pen to recharge, phone also needs a change to recharge S pen (from phone’s own battery) when S pen is inserted.

      If that is possible, I have an even better idea. Why not just make the S pen also work as a bluetooth headset?

      Not sure which one is a silly idea.

  • Andrew English

    Likely we won’t see it in this version of the Note. Its takes a lot of work to patent anything that if we where to see it likely it would be available until one or two years from now.