New phone leak roundup: Samsung Galaxy S20, Huawei P40. OnePlus 8 Pro [January 18 — 24]

Here's another week packed with Galaxy S20 eaks

Images, renders and videos of upcoming smartphones are constantly getting leaked.

Top brands like Huawei, Samsung, Google and Apple tend to get leaked the most with Google’s smartphones sometimes being nearly completely revealed months in advance of their official release.

All of these leaks are often difficult to follow, so we’ve compiled a list of this past week’s hottest rumours. Specifically, any leak that has occurred from January 18th to the 24th.

Spoiler alert: most of these rumoured are about upcoming Samsung. which makes sense considering the Galaxy S20 series is likely launching in less than a month.


Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S20 line was spotted in a Canadian government database. The listings don’t reveal very much about the handsets, but it confirmed the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra branding.

For more on the Canadian database listing, click here.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra will reportedly sport a stainless steel variant. This version of the Ultra will supposedly be lighter than the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, according to the leak.

For more on the stainless S20 Ultra, click here.

One of the best leaks this week is the official-looking S20 series renders. While the S20 Ultra 5G renders look inaccurate if you compare them to previous rumours, the S20 and S20+ leaks seem to be more spot-on.

For more on the S20 official-looking renders, click here.

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip is rumoured to have the ability to lock at a 90-degree-angle, which would allow the device to sit upright. This phone will be able to end phone calls by closing like the Motorola Razr and old-school flip phones.

Additionally, the handset will sport dual-megapixel cameras with a wide and ultra-wide shooter, alongside wireless and reverse-wireless charging and lastly, Samsung’s ultra-thin glass.

There’s also supposed to be a purple variant of the handset.

For more on the Galaxy Z Flip leak, click here.

Samsung will reportedly start selling the Galaxy S20 series on March 13th. Additionally, the company will start selling the base S20 series for $850 USD [about $1,110 CAD,] and the S20+ for $950 [approximately $1,242 CAD] and the S20 Ultra for $1200 [roughly $1,567 CAD.]

For more on the pricing, click here.


Leaked photos of the OnePlus 8 Pro indicate that the phone will feature a 120Hz display setting and a hole-punch front-facing camera.

For more on the OnePlus 8 Pro 120Hz display, click here.

The OnePlus 8 Pro will reportedly sport wireless charging, a major feature that was lacking from OnePlus’ previous handsets.

For more on the OnePlus 8’s wireless charging, click here.


A recently leaked Huawei P40 render showcases a device with a mint green rear. It’s unclear if this smartphone will officially come out in mint green, but this render definitely looks cool.

For more on the P40 series, click here.


Apple will launch a low-cost iPhone 8. Reportedly, the handset will release as soon as March, according to a recent rumour. Additionally, Apple will begin assembling this smartphone in February.

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Rumours say that Apple plans to get rid of the ‘Midnight Green’ iPhone 11 Pro in favour of a ‘Navy Blue’ colour variant.

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The Moto G8 Power will come to Canada sometime shortly. Both the Moto G8 series and the Razrhas been spotted in the Canadian Radio Equipment List database.

To be specific, what was spotted was the G Power and the G Stylus, but after Googling the model number both listings come up as the ‘G8 Power.’

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Image Credit: Evan Blass (@evleaks)