Leaked photo shows OnePlus 8 Pro 120Hz display settings, hole-punch camera

The image likely confirms that the OnePlus 8 lineup will have a hole-punch camera

A leaked photo that allegedly displays the OnePlus 8 Pro shows a glimpse at the adjustable settings of the 120 Hz display.

The photo, which was posted online by True-Tech.net, also provides a better look at the in-display hole-punch camera notch.

From what we can see in the image, it looks like OnePlus won’t be limiting the screen resolution of the 120 Hz refresh rate. This means that we will likely see the 120 Hz on the QHD+ OnePlus 8 Pro display without any compromises, as noted by 9to5Google.

Previously leaked images have shown that the OnePlus 8 series won’t have a pop-up camera, and will instead feature a hole-punch display notch. This image just further proves that rumour.

So far, it’s unclear if the 120Hz display will also be featured in the standard OnePlus 8 and One Plus 8 ‘Lite.’ We’ll get confirmation once the series is revealed at some point in early 2020.

The phone is also slated to be packed with 12GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 865 chipset.

Image credit: True-Tech.net

Source: True-Tech.net, 9t05Google