Canadian government database confirms Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra branding

Accessories for the Galaxy S20 line are listed in the database, confirming S20 branding and suggesting 5G variants will come to Canada

Galaxy S10

According to details obtained from a Government of Canada database, the Samsung Galaxy S20 line will likely come to Canada.

While there was little doubt that the Galaxy S20 would arrive here, the information suggests that the 5G variants will come as well. Further, the documents confirm the rumoured naming scheme for the new phones — S20 instead of the expected S11 — as well as the new ‘Ultra’ variant.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada keeps an online publication called the Radio Equipment List (REL). It contains information on all radio equipment certified for use in Canada.

In this case, the REL includes several accessories submitted by Samsung designed to work with the Galaxy S20 line. The listed accessories all include a Hardware Version Identification Number (HVIN) and a Product Marketing Name (PMN). The HVIN and PMN of each listed accessory are included below:

  • EF-KG980 – Smart LED Cover Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S20 5G
  • EF-KG985 – Smart LED Cover Galaxy S20+ / Galaxy S20+ 5G
  • EF-KG988 – Smart LED Cover Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • EF-NG980 – Smart LED View Cover Galaxy S20 / Galaxy S20 5G
  • EF-NG985 – Smart LED View Cover Galaxy S20+ / Galaxy S20+ 5G
  • EF-NG988 – Smart LED View Cover Galaxy S20 Ultra

For reference, last year’s Galaxy S10+ LED Cover sported the HVIN EF-KG975CW. In other words, the HVIN for these new accessories lines up with what’s come out before. All of the above accessories received approval on January 21st, 2020.

Clicking into each entry doesn’t reveal much more detail, beyond noting that the type of radio equipment included in the cases is Radio-frequency identification (RFID).

REL lists the accessories, which only confirms the names of Samsung’s upcoming devices

It’s important to note that the actual Samsung Galaxy S20 devices are not yet listed on the REL. Instead, it’s just the accessories. That said, if Samsung registered accessories for the devices in Canada, it’s likely to bring the actual devices here.

It’s still unclear whether the 5G variants will come to Canada. Considering Rogers has launched limited 5G in some areas and tested an unknown 5G Samsung phone, and Bell announced it’s ready to launch “early 5G service” in 2020, I think there’s a good chance the 5G Galaxy S20 models will be available in Canada.

The REL does not have any listings for the rumoured Galaxy Z Flip at this time either.

Unfortunately, due to the structure of the REL site, we’re unable to link directly to the listed Samsung accessories. However, those interested can look up the devices themselves from the REL search page, accessible here. Just type ‘Samsung’ in the company name field. You can also add a date range to help narrow the search.