Freedom Mobile deal gets you two iPhone 11s for $0 with $75 15GB plans

Customers can also get up to 4GB of bonus data on select BYOP plans

Shaw-owned regional carrier Freedom Mobile is rolling out some excellent limited-time deals, including two $0 iPhone 11s and plans with up to 4GB of bonus data.

First up, Freedom lists a limited time offer on its website that gets users two iPhone 11 devices for $0 on the $75 15GB Big Gig Unlimited + Talk plan when activating two lines with iPhone 11s.

Here’s how it works: customers get two iPhone 11s for $0 through Freedom’s Absolute Zero program. While typically customers would pay a $15 per month MyTab fee per iPhone 11, for this promotion Freedom applies a $15 monthly credit to the bill for each eligible line for 24 months (total $360). This covers the MyTab fee and makes the deal Absolute Zero. The deal is only available in-store.

With two iPhone 11 devices, that’s $150 per month total. The plan price includes Freedom’s $5 Digital Discount, which is applied per line if users sign up for Auto Pay.

Overall, it isn’t a bad deal, all things considered. Other carriers like Bell, Rogers and Telus are offering $75 20GB plans, but customers would get the iPhone 11 on financing from them at around $41.80 per month, depending on the carrier. For two devices, That plus the $75 per month plan for two people is about $224 per month after relevant discounts.

Freedom is also offering bonus data on several bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) plans. Currently, customers can get 5GB + 4GB bonus data for $40 per month and 6GB + 4GB bonus data for $45 per month. Both plans include the $5 Digital Discount as well as a $10 per month BYOP discount that applies for the first 12 months you have the plan.

Both plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling, as well as unlimited global text, picture and video messaging. The plans include 500MB of ‘Nationwide’ data for use outside of Freedom’s network, or for when customers use up all their Freedom data.

You can learn more about Freedom’s iPhone 11 deal here, and about the promotional bonus data plans here.

Update 01/25/2020 12:13pm ET: Corrected the details of the iPhone 11 promotion.