Top Canadian mobile stories from the past week


Every week we bring you the latest in Canadian mobile news. Listed below is a quick overview of the top stories from the past seven days.

  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact Review: Deceptively tiny [Read here]
  • Rogers offers $20 unlimited talk and text plan for prepaid migrations from Chatr [Read here]
  • Android Oreo update finally rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 [Read here]
  • Canada’s privacy commissioner isn’t surprised by Facebook privacy scandal [Read here]
  • Bell goes live with all-fibre optic internet network in Toronto [Read here]
  • BlackBerry launches legal action against Snap for alleged use of patented messaging technology [Read here]
  • Here’s Paris, France through the lens of the Huawei P20 Pro [Read here]
  • Rogers is offering some customers $70/10GB BYOD plans through retentions [Read here]
  • Canadian wireless players weigh in on FairPlay anti-piracy proposal [Read here]
  • City of St. Catharines is adding public Wi-Fi to its downtown core [Read here]
  • Facebook says Cambridge Analytica breach affected over 600,000 Canadians [Read here]
  • Fitbit Versa Review: Fitbit’s best, most accessible smartwatch [Read here]
  • Viewer Experience podcast Ep. 1: Are you ‘Ready, Player One?’ [Read here]