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SyrupCast Podcast Ep. 149: Unlocking fees are dead and the Mystery of Super Mario Cereal

Super Mario Cereal

This week on the SyrupCast, Igor Bonifacic, Rose Behar, Patrick O’Rourke, and Sameer Chhabra discuss the CRTC’s recently officially mandated smartphone unlocking fee ban.

It’s now December 1st and this means that in Canada, carriers are no longer able to charge a fee to unlock customer’s phones. The CRTC ruling to ban unlocking fees was initial revealed back in June, but the actual start date wasn’t immediate.

Now, however, carriers are required to assist customers when it comes to unlocking their phones, free of charge; regardless of whether the phone is newly purchased, or if it’s a device you’ve had for years.

Tune in to hear the SyrupCast team’s thoughts.

Hosts: Igor Bonifacic, Rose Behar, Sameer Chhabra and Patrick O’Rourke 

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Total runtime: 45:40
Unlocking fees: 1:20
Listener questions: 26:00
Shoutouts: 38:30

Sameer’s shoutout goes to InstaRyde. Rose is talking about the Jim Beam smart decanter. Patrick’s shoutout is dedicated to Super Mario cereal. Finally, Igor’s shoutout goes to the books of Kazuo Ishiguro.