Jim Beam enters the smart home business with automated whiskey decanter

Following its own version of the ‘Apple Watch’ debuted last year, whiskey company Jim Beam is now entering the smart home market.

It’s selling a smart decanter that features an AI called ‘Jim’ — a take on voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Calling Jim an AI is stretching it, though. By the company’s own admission, it’s just the company’s master distiller Fred Noe spouting brusque suggestions to drink more whiskey.

In fact, the voice of Fred Noe isn’t even a permanent feature of the decanter. Jim Beam says its 3G capabilities expire after roughly six months, after which point it becomes just a regular decanter.

Though the ‘Jim’ is currently out of stock, it’s priced at $34.90 USD, sans any actual whiskey, which would seem to be a necessity for entertaining this product as a good idea.

Source: Jim Beam Via: The Verge