Google Assistant will soon be able to help you find plumbers, electricians and more

Google Assistant on OnePlus 3T

Starting this week, Google is rolling out an update for Assistant — its digital helper available on Android, iOS and voice-activated speakers like Google Home — that promises to help users find electricians, plumbers, house cleaners and other similar home services.

With the update, individuals can ask Assistant to help it find a plumber, for instance. However, instead of just providing a list of the nearest plumbers, Assistant will ask several follow-up questions to attempt to find the best match. In the above example, the digital helper will provide a list of common issues one might need a plumber to resolve before suggesting a local business.

In addition, Google says that, in several U.S. cities, it has gone through a pre-screening process to find businesses that will be able to consistently help its users.

No word yet on when this functionality is rolling out to users in Canada and around the globe.

We’ve reached out to Google to find out if the company has a timeline for when Canadian Assistant users can expect to see their digital assistant offer this functionality.

This article with a response from the tech giant.

Source: Google Via: Engadget