Super Mario Cereal from Nintendo and Kellogg’s is not coming to Canada

A hard-hitting investigation that culminated in disappointing news


  • Marshall Davidson

    Who seriously cares.

    • Me.

    • Canadiana Jones


    • Marshall Davidson

      Haha…You would eat this in the morning Patrick? Yeah that kinda figures.
      Maybe you can find it on eBay.

    • I would eat this in the morning, noon, evening and late into the night.

  • Zac Monchamp

    How many ‘kids’ are you going to see with their switch in the breakfast aisle farming credits.

    Are those NFC codes one time use or are they just restricted to each account?

    • They should be like any other amiibo in that they can be used forever and by any account, so they can be shared.

  • byron blackmore

    Ugh, I don’t want to have to buy this from a scalper. We don’t let my son have sugar cereal except for a box of Lucky Charms every Christmas. This year he’s also getting a Switch with Mario Odyssey. So this would have been pretty cool.

  • FirstLine

    Ah come on!

  • Topple-Locked

    This is so dumb. It’s guaranteed sales and it probably costs pennies to produce, so it makes no sense.

    It’s also really frustrating for Canadians who were looking forward to the content in their game. I refuse to pay some greedy scalper just to import a box of cereal.

  • MoYeung

    Drive down to Buffalo from Toronto, for this?

  • Scott Young

    This is the hard hitting journalism we need right now. Disappointing news, but looks like I’ll be making a trip to the U.S. as well.

  • Joey Terranova

    Who’s the one who couldn’t think of naming these “Super Mari-O’s” honestly….

  • morikaweb

    Disappointing but exactly what any Canadian would expect from an American company. They would rather lose money than treat their Canadian customers fairly, and they are so quick with their justifications as to why they could not possibly sell anything to Canadians.

    I literally talked to one American distributer who admitted that well they were making a profit they were not making “enough” of a profit so they stopped selling in Canada. I talked to another company (Samsung) who literally told me I would not be getting an update for my device because I was Canadian full stop. Personally I am not surprised by any actions these company’s take anymore.