Daniel Bader


Sonos debuts limited edition Play:1 Tone speaker

Sonos has announced today a new limited edition version of its excellent Play:1 speaker, the Play:1 Tone. Available from Sonos.com starting July 21st, the all-black or all-white model features the…


ZTE announces Axon flagship, coming soon to Canada

ZTE today announced its latest flagship for the North American market. Dubbed Axon, the first of the eponymous smartphone line, it goes for the spec sheet jugular with a 5.5-inch…


CraveTV will be available to all Canadians on January 1st

Come January 1st, Bell’s CraveTV streaming video service will become available to all Canadians with an internet connection. As part of the CRTC’s new Hybrid Video-on-Demand model, both Shomi and…