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MTS launches the Moto X for $29.99 on a 2-year term

After months as a Rogers exclusive (though it came to its Fido subsidiary later), the Moto X is now available on another Canadian carrier. Manitoba-based MTS has launched the 4.7-inch Android device for $29.99 on a 2-year term, making it reasonably affordable for one of the best all-rounded smartphones on the market. The company is

READ MORE launches wireless store with unlocked phones, cases and more announced today that it has opened up a new wireless store with unlocked phones, cases, accessories and more. The company isn’t really competing on price, at least for smartphones themselves, but the choices are good, from Samsung to Nokia to BlackBerry and LG. You can nab an international Exynos-powered unlocked Galaxy S4, for example,


BlackBerry releases BBM 2.1 with sticker support

BlackBerry has lobbed its first salvo into the for-profit mobile messaging ecosystem today, adding a Sticker Store to its BBM for Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 products. Last week, the company told us it would be updating the apps to support stickers, which are “larger, bolder and more expressive images than emoticons,” with


XTouch makes tablet actions out of table taps

Imagine not needing your hands to navigate a tablet, and not being limited to the scope of the front-facing camera in order to do so? This is becoming reality thanks to the team of researchers and developers at XTouch, a startup being incubated at JOLT, a fund based out of Toronto’s MaRS hub. Currently available


CyanogenMOD 11S will power the OnePlus One

The OnePlus One is turning into a hot little commodity. The first smartphone from former Oppo employees is set to debut on April 23rd, and is promising a lot of smartphone for not a lot of money. The company is set to roll out the LTE-capable device unlocked across the world, and though we haven’t


Rdio for iOS and Android add Chromecast support, new look for album headers

Rdio for iOS received a nice update today, adding Chromecast streaming support and a new look for album headers. After promising support for Google’s streaming HDMI stick, the company has stayed true to its word, though the implementation is a little bit finicky: it’s currently impossible to scrub through an individual track, and the iOS


Orchard makes it easy to sell your iPhone, with an iPhone

Some people use the means available to them to sell used iPhones. Others, like Bruno Wong, dissatisfied with the status quo, create their own. Orchard is the product of necessity, a system for selling used iPhones that ensures the device is working properly, has not been reported stolen, and ensures the seller’s integrity. A combination