Streaming in Canada on Prime Video, Apple TV+, Crave, Disney+, Netflix and PVOD [March 14-20]

Charlie Cox's Daredevil is now streaming in his own show on Disney+ and in Spider-Man: No Way Home on PVOD

Charlie Cox Daredevil

Every week, MobileSyrup outlines some of the most notable movies and TV shows that recently hit Canadian streaming platforms.

Our ‘Streaming in Canada’ column typically focuses on new content from Amazon Prime Video, Crave and Netflix, but other services like Apple TV+ and Disney+ will be mentioned when relevant. Premium video on demand (PVOD) platforms are also fair game as movies continue to come to digital early amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, we’ll highlight shows or movies that are made by Canadian companies, involve notable Canadian cast or crew and/or are filmed in Canada.

Amazon Prime Video

Deep Water [Amazon Exclusive]

A husband and wife who have fallen out of love begin to play mind games with one another — with fatal consequences.

Based on Patricia Highsmith’s 1957 novel of the same name, Deep Water was directed by Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction) and stars Ben Affleck (Argo) and Ana de Armas (Knives Out).

Amazon Prime Video premiere date: March 18th, 2022
Genre: Erotic psychological thriller
Runtime: 1 hour, 55 minutes

Stream Deep Water here.

An Amazon Prime Video subscription is included at no additional cost with an Amazon Prime membership, which costs $79/year.

The full list of movies and shows hitting Amazon Prime Video in March can be here.

Apple TV+

WeCrashed [Apple Original]

WeCrashed explores the rise and fall of WeWork, the true story of one of the world’s most valuable startups.

Based on David Brown’s book, WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWorkWeCrashed was created by Lee Eisenberg (The Office) and Drew Crevello (Deadpool) and stars Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club) and Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables).

Apple TV+ Canada premiere date: March 18th, 2022 (first three episodes, new episodes every Friday)
Genre: Drama
Runtime: Eight episodes (around one hour each)

Stream WeCrashed here.

Apple TV+ costs $5.99/month in Canada.



A child lives through the events of the 1990 Oka Crisis at Kanesatake, in which Mohawk protestors held a 78-day standoff with law enforcement over disputed land.

Beans was co-written and directed by Kahnawake, Quebec’s Tracey Deers (Mohawk Girls) and stars Akwesasne, Ontario’s Kiawentiio (Anne with an E). It’s also worth noting that Kiawentiio will co-star in Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender as Katara.

Original premiere date: September 13th, 2020 (TIFF)
Crave premiere date:
March 18th, 2022
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1 hour, 32 minutes

Stream Beans here.

Dune (2021)

Paul Atreides and his noble house are thrust into a war on the deadly desert planet of Arrakis.

Adapted from Frank Herbert’s iconic 1965 novel of the same name, Dune was directed by Bécancour, Quebec’s own Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049) and stars an ensemble cast that includes Timothée Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name), Rebecca Ferguson (The Greatest Showman), Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis), Rebecca Ferguson (The Greatest Showman), Josh Brolin (True Grit) and Zendaya (Euphoria).

It’s important to note that this is the first in a two-part adaptation from Villeneuve; the sequel is set to release in theatres in October 2023.

Original theatrical release date: October 22nd, 2021
Crave premiere date:
March 18th, 2022
Genre: Sci-fi
Runtime: 2 hours, 36 minutes

Stream Dune here.


In 1970s Los Angeles, a young feminist teams up with a low-rent publisher to create the first erotic magazine for women.

Minx was created by Ellen Rapoport (Desperados) and stars Ophelia Lovibond (Elementary) and Jake Johnson (New Girl).

Crave/HBO Max premiere date: March 17th, 2022 (first two episodes, two new episodes every Thursday)
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 10 episodes (around 30 minutes each)

Stream Minx here.

Phoenix Rising

Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld) recounts her experiences with domestic violence, including her journey towards naming her abuser.

Crave premiere date: March 15th, 2022
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: Two parts (1 hour, 13 minutes and 1 hour, 22 minutes each)

Stream Phoenix Rising here.

A standard Crave subscription is priced at $19.99/month, with Starz costing an additional $5.99/month. A mobile-only subscription is also available for $9.99/month.

The full list of movies and shows hitting Crave this month can be found here.


Cheaper by the Dozen [Disney+ Original]

A blended family of 12 balances regular home life with a breakfast business.

A remake of the 1950 and 2003 films of the same name, Cheaper by the Dozen (2022) was directed by Gail Lerner (Will & Grace) and stars Gabrielle Union (Being Mary Jane) and Zach Braff (Scrubs).

Disney+ Canada premiere date: March 18th, 2022
Genre: Family comedy
Runtime: 1 hour, 47 minutes

Stream Cheaper by the Dozen (2022) here.

Netflix’s former Marvel shows, including Daredevil

As you’ve probably heard, all of Netflix’s original Marvel series have been removed from the service as the rights return to Marvel. What that means is that they’re now, as of March 16th, all streaming on Disney+. For reference, this includes:

  • Marvel’s Daredevil (three seasons)
  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones (three seasons)
  • Marvel’s Luke Cage (two seasons)
  • Marvel’s Iron Fist (two seasons)
  • Marvel’s The Defenders (one season)
  • Marvel’s The Punisher (two seasons)

So far, Daredevil has had ties to Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye, on top of rumours of a Disney+ reboot, so that might be one you’d especially want to watch. (It’s also, by far, the best of the bunch.)

You can find them all under the Marvel section of Disney+, where they’re currently being featured.

Nightmare Alley

An ambitious carnival worker with a shady past takes massive risks to advance his career.

Based on William Lindsay Gresham’s 1946 novel of the same name, Nightmare Alley was co-written and directed by Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water) and stars Bradley Cooper (A Star is Born), Cate Blanchett (Carol), Rooney Mara (Carol), Toni Collette (Hereditary) and Willem Dafoe (Eternity’s Gate).

It’s worth noting that the film was primarily shot in and around Toronto.

Original theatrical release date: December 17th, 2021
Disney+ Canada premiere date:
March 16th, 2022
Genre: Neo-noir, psychological thriller
Runtime: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Stream Nightmare Alley here.

A Disney+ subscription costs $11.99/month or $119.99/year in Canada.

The full list of movies and shows hitting Disney+ this month can be found here.


Human Resources [Netflix Original]

In the world of Big Mouth, monsters are assigned to a group of human adults to serve as representations of their feelings.

Hailing from the same creators as Big Mouth, Human Resources features the voices of Aidy Bryant (Shrill), Randall Park (Fresh off the Boat), Keke Palmer (Hustlers) and David Thewlis (Harry Potter franchise).

Netflix Canada premiere date: March 18th, 2022
Genre: Animated comedy
Runtime: 10 episodes (26 to 28 minutes each)

Stream Human Resources here.

Rescued by Ruby [Netflix Original]

A state trooper dreaming to join an elite K-9 unit winds up partnering with a clever but naughty shelter dog named Ruby.

Based on a true story, Rescued by Ruby was directed by Katt Shea (Poison Ivy) and stars Grant Gustin (The Flash), Scott Wolf (Party of Five) and Vancouver’s Kaylah Zander (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). It’s also worth noting that the film was shot in Vancouver.

Netflix Canada premiere date: March 18th, 2022
Genre: Family drama
Runtime: 1 hour, 33 minutes

Stream Rescued by Ruby here.

Windfall [Netflix Original]

A break-in attempt at a tech billionaire’s vacation home is interrupted when the mogul and his wife return unexpectedly.

Windfall was directed by Charlie McDowell (The Discovery) and stars Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother), Lily Collins (Emily in Paris) and Jesse Plemons (The Power of the Dog).

Netflix Canada premiere date: March 18th, 2022
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 1 hour, 32 minutes

Stream Windfall here.

Following a recent price increase, a ‘Basic’ Netflix subscription costs $9.99/month, a ‘Standard’ subscription (HD-supported) costs $16.49/month and a ‘Premium’ membership is priced at $20.99/month (4K-supported).

The full list of movies and shows hitting Netflix Canada this month can be found here.

This week in Netflix news: The streamer is cracking down on password sharing by introducing a paywall in select countries as part of a new test.

Premium video on demand (PVOD)

Spider-Man: No Way Home

One of the biggest movies of all time is finally available for viewing at home.

Following the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker/Spider-Man seeks Dr. Strange’s help to magically make everyone forget his identity, only for the spell to become botched and villains from alternate realities to enter.

Spider-Man: No Way Home was directed by Jon Watts (Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home) and features an ensemble cast that includes MCU Spider-Man stars Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Zendaya (MJ) and Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds), as well as Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange), Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man) and Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2).

Original theatrical release date: December 17th, 2022
PVOD premiere date:
March 15th, 2022
Genre: Superhero
Runtime: 2 hours, 28 minutes

Spider-Man: No Way Home can be purchased for $24.99 on PVOD platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video and the Cineplex Store.

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