Tile adds ‘Scan and Secure’ feature so users can check for trackers

Tile joins Apple in offering anti-stalking tools for its Bluetooth trackers

Apple’s AirTags helped spike the popularity of Bluetooth-powered tracking hardware, but the scale offered by AirTags and the Find My network also boosted the use of trackers for stalking.

In short, people have started using AirTags to track the location of other people by slipping them into bags or even attaching them to cars.

Now Bluetooth tracker-maker Tile is launching its own tool to help users fend off stalkers. Like the various safety measures implemented by Apple, Tile’s new ‘Scan and Secure’ tool will check for nearby, unknown Tile or Tile-enabled devices travelling with users.

Tile released an overview of how to access and use the feature, which you can view here. It’s worth noting you need to download Tile’s app to use it, although you don’t need to make an account or sign in to perform a scan.

Scan and Secure is the first part of Tile’s efforts to improve user safety. Tile also plans to work with experts to further improve safety.

While good to see Tile take steps to protect people, it’s frustrating that both Tile, Apple and other tracking companies created potentially dangerous systems that facilitate stalking, then require people to use the systems to make sure they’re not being stalked. I don’t use Tiles or AirTags because I’m not interested in sharing my location data with these companies (for good reason) and yet I may need to use these apps now to protect myself.

Source: Tile Via: Android Police